PEOPLE WITH NORMAL SEXUAL INTERESTS: Surrounded by an endless sea of hyperstimulus pornography human brains aren’t equipped to handle, doomed to become porn addicts, unable to sustain arousal in the presence of other human beings

PEOPLE WITH INCREDIBLY NICHE FETISHES: Encounter porn they like roughly as often as a child growing up in the 80s might stumble upon an adult’s Playboy stash, maintain normal brain chemistry, belong to welcoming communities where they can find partners with shared interests


#the author of ”Give These People a Break” came out with a second bonus chapter and‚ not unrelatedly‚ I am thinking about this post again #I always did pity the people (presumably out there) who are actually into the kind of women they use in sex-sells commercials #must be awful to have everybody and their brother trying to hijack your salience mechanisms #but it’s more than just a matter of salience‚ isn’t it? #until recently† I had never read porn that was actually well-suited to my tastes #(and not for lack of trying) #(everything was cousin conditions and approximations and picking my way carefully through minefields of squick) #but now I have #don’t get me wrong‚ I’m genuinely very glad to have that experience #I absolutely endorse that #I would all three of want/like/approve having *some* more works like it #…but I think I begin to see how it could pose a problem‚ if there were *thousands* #overall I do still believe I will probably do okay in #the rapidly approaching future where you can get competently written incredibly niche porn made to order out of a vending machine #(I’ve handled access to superstimuli decently well in the past) #(not perfectly‚ but like‚ a solid B+) #but in August I was casually confident that of *course* it would be okay‚ and that’s not the case anymore #[†I originally wrote here ”when I first read OP”‚ but then I actually dug up the post I was thinking of and I saw it eleven days *later* #(maybe etirabys’s reblog wasn’t the first one I saw: OP *is* actually years old (2019-12-16) and it *feels* like it’s been around for years #but etirabys’s was the one that came to mind)] ↩ #tag rambles #that one post with the thing #sexuality and lack thereof #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #apocalypse cw? #drugs cw?

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