Huh. Somebody noticed me.

Weirder still, a person I know of but haven’t linked to. How did that happen? (Now that I’ve poked around Tumblr a bit more, possibly through looking at the “otherkin” tag?)


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Or not.

Unless there’s a way of sorting the dash posts by blog and chronological order rather than reverse chronological that I haven’t figured out, using this as an aggregator is significantly more annoying than sticking with only Google Reader.

In other words, the original purpose is out. Maybe there’ll be other things.


#oh look an original post   #argh

So there’s this thing.

Called Tumblr.

Mostly I made this so the Tumblr blogs I follow would stop overwhelming my RSS feed, but that reblog button is so tempting that other stuff (mostly Doctor Who at the moment) will probably show up as well.

Original stuff? Maybe. Don’t bet on it. I never actually posted anything on my Livejournal, but the whole microblogging thing is, again, tempting.