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98 percent!!!


#shown above: my complete inability to predict what grade I’m going to get on a writing assignment #(it’s not *just* anxiety because I’m also surprised by doing badly) #I spent a ridiculously long time and I know I’m going to have to work on improving my speed in future papers #but goddammit I *got there in the end* and that’s worth something #eeeeee #oh look an update #adventures in University Land #okay back to studying now

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Well, I suppose that makes sense, really. Half a normal episode length; half a brilliant plan.

(Namely, the first half of a brilliant plan, followed by the second half of a completely-off-the-rails plan. Poor thing.)

(Also, the Red Panda can loom remarkably well from inside a pneumatic tube.)


#all in all a very fun episode #despite the very Wrong-feeling appearance #Red Panda Adventures #reactionblogging #oh look an original post

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This is weirding me out even more than I expected.

(oh god he’s blond too


(And yet Steven Burley isn’t blond. Truly, there is no justice.)


#and he’s dressed like a fucking clown #although to be fair blue mandrill-style face paint *is* a neat idea #and I could definitely see integrating that into my headcanon #Red Panda Adventures #reactionblogging #oh look an original post #(look I don’t know why Steven Burley sounds blond he just does) #(maybe it’s the announcer peppiness?) #((okay let’s go find out how much brilliant plan the Mad Monkey has managed to stuff into 15 minutes))

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Tonight’s episode of Red Panda video will be “Monkey See, Monkey Do”.

It occurs to me this almost certainly means that the Mad Monkey has a canonical appearance. And he’s almost certainly not going to look how I was imagining him. This is going to be weird.

(Not that this’ll be the first time that’s happened, even within this series. What do you mean, Andy Parker is blond?)

Between prosopagnosia (which tends to cause impairments in imagining faces along with recognising them) and a generally low-detail visual imagination, I don’t tend to imagine characters’ appearances all that much. They’ll usually have a skin colour, often hair to some level, and sometimes a build and/or general facial structure. For some reason, I have an unusually clear sense of what the Mad Monkey’s hair looks like: light brown, somewhat curly, balding, sideburns, thick eyebrows. (He’s pretty short, too.)

(I didn’t have much sense of what Professor Zombie looked like, so seeing her appearance in the previous episode didn’t really weird me out: there wasn’t much of anything for it to clash with.)


#Red Panda Adventures #reactionblogging #fun fact: this post has been in my drafts for weeks #I just haven’t had time to actually watch the damn episode #oh look an original post

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compromised-by-castiel asked: Sam, you seem like a bread person, have you ever had Langos?


So first of all, “you seem like a bread person” is possibly the most accurate thing said to or about me this week. :D 

I have not had Langos in specific – I had to google it to see what it was – but it’s apparently very similar to Beaver Tails (also known as Frybread, Elephant Ears, or Fried Dough depending on which State Fair you’re attending). It looks like Langos is traditionally served with savory toppings, as opposed to the usually-sweet toppings you get on fried dough, but I gotta tell you fried dough with garlic or sour cream and cheese sounds frankly fucking amazing.

There’s probably a Hungarian place in Chicago that serves Langos, I’ll have to find out. Thanks for the tip!

Can confirm, lángos is fantastic. There’s a stand in one of the farmers’ markets around here that sells them.


#reply via reblog #food #hat tip to slepaulica #who isn’t actually on Tumblr anymore but who introduced me to langos #(they don’t live around here) #(but the only reason I stopped at that stand and bought one is because I remembered them talking about langos on their blog)


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I just submitted my term paper

I have never written an academic-style term paper before

(except maybe the geology course project? depending on definition? but also I failed the geology course project so let’s not use that comparison shall we)

I wouldn’t be so concerned except if you fail this assignment it’s an automatic fail for the course

okay, okay, I just need 50%, that’s all I need

and 20% of the assignment grade is a short-answer section, which I have historically done really well on, so that’s probably like 18 percentage points right there



#I still need to do some more studying for my exam next week #I’m glad I started studying in the evenings a couple weeks ago #because otherwise there’s no way I could revise 700 pages #like 60% of the exam grade is multiple-choice and another 30% is short-answer #so that’s probably hopefully going to be pleasantly anticlimactic #(I mean it’s closed-book time-limited short-answer) #(so significantly harder than the other short-answer sections) #(but on the other hand they tend to grade exam writing more generously) #(because they’re thinking in terms of What You Could Reasonably Have Accomplished Under the Circumstances) #adventures in University Land #oh look an original post

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I’m on vacation at Disneyland, ama

Are you going to buy a stuffed animal at Disneyland for your future child? My parents did that while visiting Disney during their first trying-to-conceive stage, and I always liked being able to tell people that I’d had my Winnie the Pooh teddy for [current age + 1] years.


#reply via reblog #Disney #fertility cw?


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[I’ve been watching Voyager for a while and I’ve come to a conclusion that they beam everything onboard. “Well, we have no idea what this is! BUT YOLO! Let’s beam that strange dangerously looking thing here and study it!” And then they have problems with it. Though this can been seen in other series too. ]

And when investigating a Mysteriously Deserted Spaceship (which they simply must do in-person, of course), they take off their spacesuit helmets as soon as they’ve determined the atmosphere is breathable, before checking for pathogens or anything.

(Oddly, this mostly doesn’t come back to bite them. But only mostly.)


#Star Trek #Voyager #but really pretty much any show with spacesuits and Mysteriously Deserted Places

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