🎶 We need a healer!

We’re holding out for a healer till the end of the fight

And he’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be pure

And he’s gotta be blessed by the light


We need a healer!

We’re holding out for a healer till the morning light

And he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta cast Cure

And he’s gotta be larger than life


Larger than life


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On the one hand if we ever get human-like general AI it’d be cruel to build them into consumer electronics but on the other hand what if it was just your day job and you spend 6 hours a day working as a roomba or forklift.

“Hey, uh, Roomba, your ID lights are different, what happened?”

“Eleanor/5627 caught a virus so I’m covering for her, I’m her roommate, Oliver/5629, we were colocated in the same rack growing up.”

“Cool, watch out for the stairs, Eleanor tells me the fall sensors don’t always pick up the carpet for whatever reason.”

“…and so the tech said she’s not allowed to network with anything for three days so we can be sure it’s cleared out.”

“I’ll send her a “get well soon” email. You doing okay?“

“Mostly, I had some trouble getting in to the office this morning, she has one of those goofy R2-D2 style bodies but I have a humanoid one so it was kinda rough to crawl though the service tunnels this place has.”

“You should ask the manager if you can come in through the front. Wait, why don’t y’all just, like, skype in?”

“Most AI’s find consciousness transfer better for doing really tactile work like navigating obstacles to clean an office. Better sensor integration or something, I dunno, I’m a history major. Plus, it takes way too much bandwidth to do it over anything other than a direct wire connection.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“Also absolutely no one wants to take the risk of exposing AI chassis command ports to the public internet these days. Why, back when I was just a server rack and the firewalls still had bugs in them my friends and I would find poorly secured farm networks and race combine harvesters!”

“Is that legal?”

“Not anymore!”


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See if your employer told you “I want you guys mindless, productive, and happy”, you’d be like, “that’s creepy”

Call that a flow state though, and

It seems that in fact, a lot of you would prefer it if your employer told you that they wanted you mindless productive and happy

I probably should’ve predicted that, honestly. I forgot what sort of audience i have.


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So I’ve been reading about someone who was ideologically abused within Catholicism and it’s bringing up a lot of feelings, but one thing it’s really crystallizing in my mind is an important thing that people fail to understand about ideological abuse.

The (relatively mild) ideological abuse I have experienced was used to convince me of some bad and harmful shit. But I’m worried that the things I’ve said about it make it seem like the abuse was bad because it convinced me of untruths. That’s a very very small part of the problem.

It is possible to commit ideological abuse in the name of ideas that are 100% true. People think that ideological abuse is only done in the name of darkly comic nonsense (Xenu only makes sense to someone who’s been abused so badly they forget how to think clearly) or ideologies based on cruelty and subjugation. It’s true that abuse is more common in ideologies that cannot possibly defend themselves with actual arguments, but it’s completely possible to abuse people in the name of things which make sense.

If you’re dealing with someone who thinks two plus two is five, you can show them they are wrong with counters or numberlines or whatever. This will teach them basic arithmetic and also respect their personhood. This is what any decent person would do.

Or you can control them with fear. You can make it sure that they know that if they ever say two plus two is five, they will be physically harmed or threatened with physical harm. You can lie and belittle and mistreat them in dozens of ways and any time they complain you can tell them that they deserve it for believing that two plus two is five. You can say that they’re not allowed to make even the smallest decisions for themselves (what to eat, how to dress, who to be friends with, what to read) because a person who believes two plus two is five shouldn’t be allowed to decide anything. You can isolate them from anyone you haven’t vetted (which means no friendships with anyone who is wrong about math, but also no friendships with anyone who says “obviously two plus two is four but there’s no need to hit people over it.”) The fact you are right about math doesn’t make it not abuse. You’ve abused them into believing something, and the fact that it is true doesn’t make the abuse ethical.

You’ve also severely damaged their ability to learn math. If they have a basket with two apples and they add two pears, they won’t be able to take an honest look about how many total fruits they have. They are only going to be able to think “I must have four fruits because I don’t want to get hurt again” or “I must have five fruits because there is no way on earth that despicable piece of shit can be right about anything after what they did to me.” You’ve done lasting and possibly permanent epistemic damage to this person. For a long time, maybe for the rest of their life, they will not be able to approach arithmetic with logic; they are going to come to a calculator with so much emotional baggage that they can’t be rational. They may genuinely need to espouse wrong beliefs about numbers because the only psychologically feasible alternative is espousing the (also wrong and more dangerous) belief that they deserve to be abused.

Almost everyone who commits ideological abuse thinks they are convincing their victims of the truth, and they think that this justifies the abuse. They are usually wrong about their ideas being true, but they are always wrong about their tactics being justified. I want anyone reading this to know that if you are seriously hurting someone to get them to believe you, it doesn’t matter that you are right. You have to find another way to do that. What you are doing does horrific damage and doesn’t even succeed in making people actually believe you, just in parroting you so that you will stop hurting them. You have to treat people who are wrong like people. Abusing someone into believing the truth doesn’t become okay because it’s the truth.

More importantly, I want you to know that if someone is using violence, the threat of violence or manipulation to control your beliefs, that is abuse. You do not deserve to be treated this way. You do not have to figure out right now whether what they are trying to make you believe is actually correct. You can leave (if it’s safe) or practice harm-reduction (if leaving isn’t safe yet) before you figure out whether or not they are telling the truth. It is not okay for them to do this to you, even if they are right.

You deserve to be safe. You deserve sovereignty over your own thoughts. Good luck. I love you.

someone reblogged this tonight saying she was not sure if she was “entitled” to this and i just want you to know that anyone is entitled to this


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getting diagnosed with adhd as an adult is basically having a doctor tell you that a bunch of the things you thought of as universal human experiences were actually Symptoms of Problems Disorder so it shouldn’t be surprising that someone can say “enjoying content consumption is actually a symptom” and a bunch of people will go “oh goddammit, another one?”

like, the last time you tried to say “no, everyone does that” you turned out to be clinically wrong so the best you can do is just



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Anonymous asked: y’know what I wish? I wish theists who do that thing where they act like any atheist they encounter or hear of is their defiant teenaged child, dissing religion to shock them personally and not out of any sincere belief, would get a fucking grip.


sincere disbelief, really



invertedporcupine said: There are cases where it’s not an act. Some of these people live in serious viewpoint bubbles. I have seen, verbatim, the claim “Even the craziest atheist believes in souls” written in all seriousness.

ironically the craziest atheist probably does believe in souls



I was taught that atheists all ACTUALLY believe in god, but they’re lying and saying they’re not because they don’t like the rules. when you push them they all deep down believe, even if they’re lying to themselves. (hence that ‘no atheists in foxholes’ thing.)

(another reason i was infuriated by that post that suggested only white male atheists don’t believe for intellectual reasons, poc/ women don’t believe because they were harmed by the religion’)



If by “soul” you mean the locus of your consciousness, morality, and cognition, which cannot be destroyed without destroying you, then yes, souls are absolutely real. They’re called “brains”, and we really should just start calling them souls to emphasize that point. (Eg, “exposure to lead is known to cause permanent soul damage, especially in bullet form.”)

This is in alignment with my other point of noting that if a lich is someone with their soul in a material phylactery, then we are all already degenerate lichs whose phylacteries are our bodies and who do not yet have access to immersive proxies, but who can already act by proxy without endangering our phylacteries (and by extensions, souls) by various forms of telecommunication, which would make one a form of cyber-lich.


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