god, EVERY YEAR one of the local churches puts up a big sign that says “HE IS RISEN”, and EVERY YEAR whenever I see it I just think “OH HE IS, IS HE??? WELL IF HE IS RISEN THEN HE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT MY SEDER, LEAVENED MESSIAHS ARE NOT KOSHER FOR PASSOVER!!!”

I also post about this on my blog every year but

that’s okay






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This is about my some day daughter already stained with insecurity, asking me “Mom, will I be pretty”. And I’ll wipe that question from her mouth like cheap lipstick and say:

Fuck. Yes. Fuck yes.

Oh god fuck yes.

I think I’ve seen this before?? still good.  

…six letters. “Pretty” has six letters.

(I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s a fabulous quote! *hands*)

That was my first thought, but then I thought “Five different letters” and now I feel better.


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Because computers.



So, I’ve been testing alternatives to Google Reader.

NewsBlur is slow, annoying, and only lets you have twelve feeds before it wants to charge you money. 

Feedly is supposedly the best alternative out there, but you have to install it on every browser where you want to use it. Who does that anymore? 

Chrome apparently has a feed-reader app but again, a) you have to install it, b) you’re SOL if you use anything other than Chrome anywhere (I use Chrome at home and Firefox at work, don’t even start on me, NOTHING I USE FOR WORK WORKS WITH CHROME) and c) who wants to use a drop down feed reader? 

I was going to try Waurb, but they don’t apparently have an option to log in without using Facebook, and I don’t actually want my feed reader and my social media forcibly linked.

Taptu apparently can’t find two thirds of my feeds. 

Netvibes has a similar issue, but it only seems to struggle with Tumblr (don’t we all) and it’s marginally easier to re-add feeds once you get it set up. Plus they have an auto-detect if you enter a website URL, for those of us with tiny monkey brains who don’t know what to do with XML.

Netvibes seems to be the closest thing to a Reader clone that doesn’t restrict your reading or move so slowly it’s pointless to use, but you have to backflip around their site for a while before you can actually make use of it. I’m pretty sure at one point I pulled my patented “Do magic to make it work” move.

(Go to “Manage Dashboards”, create a new dashboard, delete the one they created for you and filled with irrelevant feeds, then save changes, return to the regular page, delete all the widgets they put in you NEW dashboard, switch it from widget to list view, and then Add Content to add what you actually want. You can import from a Google Reader export file, but you will need to check each feed individually and re-add the ones it can’t find.)

I’m still having some trouble getting Netvibes to pick up my subscription to the Hawkeye (Comics) tag on AO3, plus it keeps insisting that something which was posted yesterday was posted half an hour ago, but there are always little bugs to iron out and it’s picking up the other AO3 tags. At the moment I’m running it side by side with Google Reader, and we’ll see if it keeps up. 

Reblogging for sophia_sol and anyone else who’s interested in Google Reader substitutes.


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just laughed for a solid five minutes

True Fucking Story

I jump EVERY time I open one of these. Scary shit.

legit shrieked IRL last time I used one

what’s a biscuit can

This is why I hate when Mom insists on stocking up on Pillsbury croissants in America just because they’re a little cheaper. It’s not worth it.

(In Canada, croissant cans look identical (except for the whole bilingual thing), but they don’t open the moment you pull back the paper enough. You have to whack the crap out of them to get them to open, which means you know exactly which points in time it might happen and can mentally prepare yourself.)


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Wicked Girls, Seanan McGuire

Full Lyrics

Dorothy, Alice and Wendy and Jane,
Susan and Lucy, we’re calling your names,
All the Lost Girls who came out of the rain
And chose to go back on the shelf.
Tinker Bell says, and I find I agree
You have to break rules if you want to break free.
So do as you like — we’re determined to be
Wicked girls saving ourselves.


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