If tumblr had a revenue source that wasn’t primarily ad based and they could start allowing wild shit again

Man if this was the offer I’d definitely pay $5/mo

Staff saw this post and agreed so hard they got it implemented in 1 day.

Oh! This is great. I have signed up for this. I’d much rather tumblr make money from me directly than from the Weird Ad Industry. And I straightforwardly want to pay them for the storage and engineering costs of hosting my blog and the precious social ecosystem it lives in.


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Concept: protagonist becomes embroiled in a series of high-stakes underground deathmatches of something that isn’t even illegal, like for some reason there’s a dark-web competitive cooking show. None of the ingredients are horrifying or even particularly unethical, but it’s still treated as this huge transgression with dire consequences for failure.

The cutthroat world of underground competitive cat shows.

Dark-web lumberjack challenges.

Gardening, and God help you if the judges don’t approve of your marigolds, because no Earthly force will.


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Ah yes, “do we really live longer than our ancestors” articles, the theses of which always seem to be “well once you eliminate deaths by disease, violence, and really every factor other than natural causes in old age, and probably only consider the upper classes (because they’re all we have data for in many cases), the difference in life expectancy from adulthood is only 5-10 years.”

And like, I get that infant and child mortality doesn’t reflect what most people intuitively conceive as life expectancy (though it bears noting that youth mortality on such a scale that it substantially distorts life expectancy figures is also really bad), but I’d argue that things like reduced frequency of wars and other homicides, the presence of antibiotics and other modern medicines, and lower rates of extreme poverty, are exactly what most people think of when they think of factors that impact life expectancy, and it’s blatant cherry-picking to say we ought to treat them as inadmissible.

It turns out that, after controlling for life expectancy, moderns live about as long as Medieval peasants did.


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