it’s good for your mental health to have mutuals who are wildly horny about kinks which do nothing at all for you

this is both as in. sometimes you will realise that actually these kinks do do something for you and that can be very eye-opening and liberating

and also as in. sometimes you will hear someone decry these kinks as indicative of moral failing, and being friends with people like this makes you immune to that sort of knee-jerk outrage


#also I think it can be very eye-opening and liberating even when those kinks really *don’t* do anything for you #infinite diversity in infinite combinations #sexuality and lack thereof #the wondrous variety of sapient life #this post was queued because my to-reblog list is too long and I didn’t want to dump it on you all at once



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#so is staff just going to sexually harass us every year or what #wait‚ no‚ the last incident was 2021‚ they didn’t do anything for 2022 #[in the exact same tone and cadence as the first tag] so is staff just going to sexually harass us every two years or what #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what


You know, I always heard tumblr users were a bunch of kinky weirdos but I’m not so sure. I checked the polls and everyone here is super into vanilla.


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #food #I will have you know that I have *never* voted for vanilla on a Tumblr poll #not even on Benedict’s vanilla vs extract #Team Extract all the way #this post was queued because my to-reblog list is too long and I didn’t want to dump it on you all at once #sexuality and lack thereof #puns


PEOPLE WITH NORMAL SEXUAL INTERESTS: Surrounded by an endless sea of hyperstimulus pornography human brains aren’t equipped to handle, doomed to become porn addicts, unable to sustain arousal in the presence of other human beings

PEOPLE WITH INCREDIBLY NICHE FETISHES: Encounter porn they like roughly as often as a child growing up in the 80s might stumble upon an adult’s Playboy stash, maintain normal brain chemistry, belong to welcoming communities where they can find partners with shared interests


#the author of ”Give These People a Break” came out with a second bonus chapter and‚ not unrelatedly‚ I am thinking about this post again #I always did pity the people (presumably out there) who are actually into the kind of women they use in sex-sells commercials #must be awful to have everybody and their brother trying to hijack your salience mechanisms #but it’s more than just a matter of salience‚ isn’t it? #until recently† I had never read porn that was actually well-suited to my tastes #(and not for lack of trying) #(everything was cousin conditions and approximations and picking my way carefully through minefields of squick) #but now I have #don’t get me wrong‚ I’m genuinely very glad to have that experience #I absolutely endorse that #I would all three of want/like/approve having *some* more works like it #…but I think I begin to see how it could pose a problem‚ if there were *thousands* #overall I do still believe I will probably do okay in #the rapidly approaching future where you can get competently written incredibly niche porn made to order out of a vending machine #(I’ve handled access to superstimuli decently well in the past) #(not perfectly‚ but like‚ a solid B+) #but in August I was casually confident that of *course* it would be okay‚ and that’s not the case anymore #[†I originally wrote here ”when I first read OP”‚ but then I actually dug up the post I was thinking of and I saw it eleven days *later* #(maybe etirabys’s reblog wasn’t the first one I saw: OP *is* actually years old (2019-12-16) and it *feels* like it’s been around for years #but etirabys’s was the one that came to mind)] ↩ #tag rambles #that one post with the thing #sexuality and lack thereof #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #apocalypse cw? #drugs cw?


FINAL ROUND: Sans (Undertale) vs. Cecil Gershwin Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale)



Tumblr Sexyrematch info


#I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #surveys #sexuality and lack thereof #(I don’t actually know enough about Sans to know if he’s sexy or not) #(Cecil is though) #((also‚ given that the term ”Tumblr sexyman” often refers to a particular physical shape)) #((it would be amusing to give the title to someone who is effectively a disembodied voice))

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reblog to give the person you reblogged this from a fucking break


#I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #(I have been so thrown off by all the bullshit going on the last couple of weeks) #(that it was not until after things reached a point where I went to bed at 12:40 AM and barely managed to drag myself out at *11*) #(that I finally went ”…oh‚ shit‚ I’m ovulating aren’t I”) #(of course this realisation had to be just in time for my workweek to start) #venting cw? #reblog coercion cw?

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re: this post

(it’s about a kink caption which is picture of a dude in his underwear talking about ‘slutweed’, which is, ofc, weed that makes you slutty)

two replies:

i found this blog back when this screenshot was circulating just to see what kind of unhinged shit they were posting and it was all in this genre of making men brain dead and desperate to fuck. some of it was written from the pov of the guy losing his capacity for intelligent thought and read more like a horror novel than porn. i am an archaeology student btw

that’s why bottom povs aren’t very common. It’s not a fun time for us usually


two tags labelled 'pov: bottom' and 'pov: top'. the first has 858 stories and the second has 253

(screenshot from’s tag page. i have no idea how representative that is of like, the broader internet, i just picked it because i happen to know it has tags for that, and also because making people ‘brain dead and desperate to fuck’ is definitely the kind of story you find there)

(i’m just saying. maybe it’s just not a fun time for you)

Mm, Read Only Mind got conquered by the Affini Compact has a distinct audience that I *do* suspect skews more bottom than, say, the Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive.

But also yeah, a lot of people are in fact into the idea of having that done to them.

But also also…hmm…*reads over replies very carefully*…if I’m *very* generous I *can* see the second one as being an outburst of frustration about how hard a time they’re having finding porn that *isn’t* aimed at people who fantasise about being the top in an erotic horror. (If I’m being honest with myself, though, I think I’m just projecting.) First one definitely does seem to just be mocking, even if it does in fact suck how often I run facefirst into horror when I was looking for fluff.

…I appear to have written so many commentary tags that I ran out of tag display limits. You know what, here:

#if you’d asked me two days ago I’d have included a bit about how every work of erotic fiction has *something* subjectively wrong with it

#it’s not like it’s *exclusive* to horror about turning people into mindless sluts

#every porn has something (usually many things) in it that’s squicky or where it’s obvious that the author’s view of what’s hot is thirty degrees clockwise of yours

#nobody’s tastes are ever going to be a perfect match

#you just have to make the best of it and try to find works with tolerable good-to-meh-to-ugh ratios

#and try to cope with the growing sense of frustration in the back of your mind muttering about how *none* of these people have any fucking *taste*

#if you’d asked me two days ago I’d have said that

#yesterday‚ however‚ I came across a fic on AO3 that is‚ in fact‚ perfect

#there is nothing wrong with it (that is to say‚ grating about it) whatsoever

#no horror‚ no rape‚ no genitals‚ no BDSM‚ not even a tickle scene

#and the *choices* about where and how to place the narrative focus are…they’re…they’re *correct*

#it reads like the porn *I* would write if I were good at writing porn

#I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is a thing that exists

#I feel like I’m repeating myself here because I already wrote a glowing review for my comment/link roundup

#but I haven’t posted that yet‚ so from the perspective of the rest of you this is the first I’ve mentioned it

#I guess what I’m saying here viscerally is that “Give These People a Break” in the AO3 Anonymous collection is a new bar in quality and every other MC writer in the world needs to get on its level

#(*yes* including the writers who think “MC” stands for “motorcycle club’’‚ why not)

#and what I’m saying here intellectually is that I acknowledge that they won’t do that because actually their tastes are different from mine and Their Kinks Are Okay

#but it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between venting and kinkshaming from the outside

#(P.S. to be clear I have nothing against affini fic)

#(many of them are quite good)

#((”Abscission“ especially is well worth reading for the proverbial articles *alone*))

#(but it *is* striking how large a percentage of the front page it makes up)

@sigmaleph​​ replied: “@brin-bellway i am not confident on anything like exact ratios but i certainly never had much trouble finding bottom pov stories on emcsa, either

True, yeah.

(again if I am being honest with myself here, in large part you happened to stumble into the feelings I was already having about having to wade through that kind of stuff in hopes of finding something decent(ly appealing to me), plus the state of “holy shit” I have been in over finding something far-beyond-decent for the past like 24 hours)


#anyway I am approximately four different kinds of tired right now #I had better go to bed‚ which should at least help with *some* of them #good night #replies #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #sexuality and lack thereof #people who can distinguish between their drive for sleep and drive for sex fascinate me #nsfw text #venting cw #discourse cw?