I know it’s important to a lot of beings to have reasons behind the things they identify as – spirituality, or brain chemistry, or hormones etc (and this doesn’t just apply to kin stuff either) – but I’ve just never had that? My attitude is that I am what I am, I feel this way and that’s all right.

I don’t really think it matters why I’m queer/asexual/agender/otherkin/whatever the fuck else I am, it’s not like it’s a problem that needs to be cured; to my way of thinking it’s just something that is.



n. the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet—a school hallway in the evening, an unlit office on a weekend, vacant fairgrounds—an emotional afterimage that makes it seem not just empty but hyper-empty, with a total population in the negative, who are so conspicuously absent they glow like neon signs.


#the more you know #(though as a homeschooler who often went to groups that held meetings at the elementary school when it wasn’t in session) #(in my experience the proper and natural state of a school is deserted) #(sometimes I’d arrive a little early and people wouldn’t have finished leaving yet and the halls were still busy) #(and *that* was wrong)

Eleven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Corsair






As divulged by Mr. Neil Gaiman (from The Brilliant Book 2012)

  1. His TARDIS looked like a sailing ship whenever it was practical – and sometimes even when it wasn’t – because small, piratical sailing ships are cool.
  2. The Ouroboros tattoo, showing a snake eating its own tail and symbolising Eternity, moved around the Corsair’s body with each regeneration. The largest version was huge and multi-colored and covered the Corsair’s entire back. The smallest version was the size of a ten pence piece and was discreetly inked upon the Fifth Corsair’s upper thigh.
  3. The Corsair met his doom while working for the Time Lords on the Fourth Universal Survey Expedition. They were surveying the whole universe. It’s a big place. Somebody has to keep track of it.
  4. Most Time Lords disapproved of the Corsair. The Doctor, on the other hand, got drink with him (in the Corsair’s Fourth and Eighth incarnations) and with her (in her Fifth). Each time, the Doctor swore he would never do it again. Twice, they woke up in jail. Once, they woke up in the Bank of England vaults.
  5. The Corsair took his name from a term for ‘privateer’ – a sort of legitimate pirate. Some people assumed that this was because the Corsair did things for the Time Lords that they could deny responsibility for – such as stealing the secret of the Callisto Pulse from the Callistan Kleptocracy. The Corsair denied having stolen the Callisto Pulse. The Time Lords denied having asked him to steal it. The Callistans would like their pulse back.
  6. The Corsair never actually fought the Daleks. But her seventh incarnation was definitely spotted on Clarkor Nine the night the Dalek Scout Ship landed. On the following day the nine Daleks on the saucer discovered that their weapon arms and their suction cup arms had somehow been removed in the night, rendered inoperable, and fused together into a shape that means something very rude in Skarosian. They left immediately and did not return. The Corsair’s role in this is unclear.
  7. The Corsair visited Earth a number of times in its history. He was worshipped as a god by the ancient Assyrians until he got bored after a week and went off with the sacred temple cat.
  8. In ever incarnation the Corsair had an amazing smile. It was variously described as ‘reckless” ‘roguish’, or ‘very bad girl’. Whatever race or gender the Corsair was, he or she smiled the kind of smile that made the person being smiled at want to trust the person who was smiling, run of with him or her, and get into all manner of trouble. Sometimes people did.
  9. The Corsair liked having a cat and, sometimes, a parrot aboard his TARDIS. He never had a companion, however, preferring to travel alone. (Having said that, the Corsair took enormous pleasure in Rescuing Good Looking People from Dangerous Situations, but rarely stuck around long enough to be properly thanked.)
  10. The Time Lord High Council formally censured the Corsair following the disappearance of the mysterious Portrait of Rassilon in Lord President Borusa’s time. The Censure was later formally revoked by President Flavia, for reasons she declined to go into, although she was once heard to say that the Corsair had an extremely attractive smile.
  11. By the time the Ninth Corsair (a strapping big bloke, he was) realised he had been trapped on the intelligent asteroid that called itself House, his TARDIS had already been killed and eaten. He recorded a distress message, but before he could send it there was a tap on his shoulder and he felt and thought nothing more, not ever again.

Headcanon: the guy with the parrot from he last series of SJA was the Corsair.

This is so cool!

Spin-off please.

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I dropped by the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s market today.


#Waterloo Region #St. Jacob’s market is a nice place #Mom likes the Kitchen Kuttings beefstick (not really my thing) #the apple fritters are good (especially with ice cream) if you go on a weekday #(the forty-minute Saturday line isn’t worth it) #our home and cherished land


Michael’s has the best parking lot in the city.


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WHO IS THIS GUY? Because that is AWESOME. :D

If you click on the source (oh-whiskers), it says he’s Idris Elba. (It also includes a link to what appears to be the video the GIFs are made from, but I haven’t tried watching it.)


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Say it out loud, you’ll get it.


blue: So this piece you’re writing.
me: Mm.
blue: It’s a series of vignettes?
me: Mmhmm.
blue: Like, a lot of vignettes?
me: Yup.
blue: Would. Would you call it an entire vineyard of vignettes.
me: …
blue: :D?
me: …
blue: What!
me: …
me: I’m putting this on the internet.


*goes to Wiktionary*

*listens to pronunciation example*

Oh god I’ve been pronouncing “vignette” wrong all this time why did nobody tell me.


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