(I was too busy having a cold to say this on the actual day (I’m on the mend now), but:)

I have now lived in Canada for 10 years!


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I saw one of my local gyms was trying to get an all eeveelutions gym, so I’m like ‘cool’ and toss my Umbreon in, but when I went to check on the gym later to see if someone added the Flareon and Eevee we needed I saw this


Look at him! Of course he’s part of the Eevee family look at his ears. Nope nothing suspicious here, not at all.


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How Aerial Reforestation Works http://stuf.ly/aerial-reforest


You’ve heard of Orbital Bombardment, but now, get ready for


This is how I want to die. With a spruce pegging me in the dome at high velocity.


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[status: reasonably knowledgeable about menial Internet labour, very slightly knowledgeable about cryptocurrency]

Trying to figure out if there are any better ways to sell my computers’ processing power than what I’m already doing, and I keep hearing mentions of cryptocurrency mining but also people saying it’s not worth the electricity it’s printed on except in edge cases.

Are there any cases where mining pays more per hour (after subtracting electricity cost) than running advertisement videos in the background* without investing four-digit quantities of money into high-end equipment**, or are the benefits of mining just privacy principles, (possibly?) slightly less maintenance required to keep it running, and high scaleability?

(Or even just a matter of different social circles? Like, the “techies who are into security” know about cryptocurrency mining but not ad videos, and the “housespouses who are into frugality” know about ad videos but not cryptocurrency mining, and there isn’t enough intermixture for both to be common knowledge?)

((…if the only reason you weren’t running ad videos for spare change is because you didn’t know that was a thing, hit me up and I’ll teach you))

*Laptop: ~3 – 5 cents per hour, for 10W (if I was going to have the laptop on anyway) or 25W (if I wasn’t). (so, roughly a tenth of a cent, give or take) Smartphones pay more per active hour (~15c) for *presumably* less electricity (haven’t tested my smartphone’s power usage), but usually have a daily cap, so you can only get a few active hours per day.

**Empirically, I’m willing to invest roughly a hundred dollars into more equipment to run paid processing with, and only after I’ve had a chance to test the task out at smaller scales to make sure it works well. (And I’m more willing if I can buy the stuff off of Amazon, since I continue to have more Amazon credit than I know what to do with.)


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Do you have a libido?  What is it like?

What is a libido, anyway?

When I talk about my “libido”, the main thing I’m usually referring to is the frequency and intensity of my sexual fantasies.

During high-libido times, I think a lot more about (loosely defined) sex, and how good it feels, and how much I’d like to be having some right now. Even when I’m not focusing on it, if my libido’s high the fantasies and the longing will often be kind of running in the background.

I’ve heard other people describe feelings of “pent-up sexual energy”, but in my own context that feeling manifests as more of a fatigue.

I wrote a tag ramble about this ages back, which I still mostly endorse. (Unlike past!me, I at least have the *option* of masturbation now, even if I’m not especially good at it and often don’t get around to it anyway.)


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Any advice on how to break the “depressed because I can’t get a job, can’t get a job because I’m depressed” cycle?

(…any advice on how to convince a depressed third party to actually *take* the advice from the first question?)


#oh look an original post #you would think given that damn near everyone I know is or has been depressed #I would be better at dealing with depressed people #but…it’s hard to phrase this in a way that doesn’t sound bad #I don’t mean it in a bad way #but while I *like* my friends and I do want them to do well #the harm done to *me* by stuff ruining *their* lives is indirect at most #and that gives me enough distance from the problem to be understanding and stuff #Dad’s inability to let go of the idea of being The Provider and settle for merely contributing to a shared pool of income #(and therefore refusing to even apply for jobs that would ~merely~ let him pull his own weight rather than pulling *four* people’s weight) #is *directly* making it harder for me to afford my necessities #(or rather is failing to lengthen the amount of time left before affording my necessities becomes abruptly very difficult) #((I suppose the nuclear-war analogy has *some* truth to it but I still think the global-warming analogy is more adaptive)) #((and likely closer overall)) #tag rambles #venting #(the tag-ramble part) #(but no really if you have any advice please let me know) #adventures in human capitalism