Okay, so it turns the problem with my activity feed that I’ve been complaining about for the past 3 days (the flood of unwanted reply notifications I’ve been getting from other ppl’s viral posts) is indeed a new “feature,” and not a glitch. 

THE PLAGUE OF SPAM HAS A NAME: Conversational Notes 

Apparently, tumblr thinks that turning our activity pages into an endless YouTube comment section will “encourage more conversations” and “increase engagement” (see: TechCrunch article). 

Eat shit, @staff

Y’all been warned. 

I got to be an early adopter of this bullshit. 

Not all blogs have yet been “gifted” with this “””feature””” but I don’t doubt that soon your blogs will also be affected. 

You won’t be able to leave a reply, or reblog comment on any viral post without having your activity page flooded with every single subsequent reply that post receives







Oh joy



@lilacnebulae Is this like the problem you were having???


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action movie about a guy who pretends to be a hitman and does the whole “25% up front and the rest when the job is done” thing but then just keeps the down payment, doesn’t kill anybody, and stops responding to the client’s calls, knowing that they can’t sue him for breach of contract without confessing to trying to hire a hitman. problem is now a lot of people who are comfortable with the concept of paying someone to kill someone else are mad at him

none of his former clients know his real identity, due to him using a fresh fake for each con, so he decides that his only hope of making it out of this mess unscathed is to land the inevitable contract for his own assassination and fake his own death. thus begins his deadly race against the clock and against other actual bounty hunters, former clients, and a smoldering ex lover, whom he must betray, persuade or kill. darknet: the catfish bounty


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Permission to be Sexual


Do you feel like you have permission to be sexual or to have sexuality or to do things considered sexual in nature?

Who or what is granting this permission or denying it?

Does this tie into your asexuality?

(Related to this post.)

It depends on what you mean, but for the most part I do.

Personally, I feel like being ace actually makes it *easier* in some ways to feel like I’m allowed, because my sexuality is not interpersonal. People don’t get as many *opportunities* to forbid me from doing things, because I don’t do acts that require cooperation from others (I need very little of even the indirect, logistical kind of cooperation).

Being kinky *sounds* like it would make feeling permitted more difficult, and in some ways it can, but in other ways it makes things easier. Notably, my masturbation generally looks non-sexual when seen from the outside, out of context, and so getting caught is less bad. (The level of privacy at which I start to feel comfortable is “nobody else is on the same floor of the house”.) Fluid containment and lubricant sourcing are also complete non-issues.

It is probably relevant that my sex ed was pretty liberal (it *was* terrible for me, but only because I was an outlier who slipped through the cracks; unlike the “masturbation is for losers” kind of stuff that other people in the conversation are describing, the messages I received *would* have been good if I had been the intended type of recipient). It probably also helps that I’m not firmly attached to asexuality: the idea (regardless of how likely it is) of getting kicked out for having too much of a sexuality doesn’t really scare me, I kind of just shrug and figure “well, I could probably convince the bisexuals or somebody to take me in”.

I can’t relate to the thing in the linked post about not feeling like one’s sexuality really belongs to one: my sexuality definitely feels like it belongs to me, and that’s a lot of what I like about it.


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