Inkblot of the Day #58

Instructions: Tell me what you see.

(Guest-blot of younger brother’s girlfriend, Natalie)


Warning: military/guns/firearms

I see two soldiers sitting back to back with their guns raised and explosions in the sky, as if they’ve each just shot something down.

(By the way, does anyone want/need a warning for these inkblot things in general?  I don’t know if they might be problematic for anyone, like…other than sometimes the descriptions could be, but if the inkblots themselves are problematic or have the potential to be, tell me and I’ll start tagging ‘em with a warning for TS.)

I see your point, but (having made sure to give it a look before reading your post) I think it’s two dragonflies and a spider.





I would pickpocket a bunch of people, cook, complain about being a Grey Warden, count how much money I have, cook some more, take a nap and have some nightmares, run screaming from a mirror or two…

and frolick in the woods

that is an elfy thing to do, right?  MERRILL SAID SO

…apparently I just spontaneously turned into Thor.

Well then.

I would probably spend my entire day being bros with the Avengers and drinking coffee and eating all the food and flying around and making it rain.


Pretty much.

There would probably be some seduction of various people involved in there too.

Photosynthesising somewhere in Russia.

(It does raise a lot of issues, though. Can one really be said to have “woken up” if one has no brain to wake up with? Do I magically retain my mind despite having nowhere to keep it? If so, is this going to be an and-I-must-scream thing, or more of a restful break from life as a biped? This makes a big difference in my reaction, you know.)

(I have never been to Russia. I did not take the picture myself; someone kindly donated it to Wikimedia. For some reason I can’t find the original copy on there.)


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Anyone who doesn’t want to play Apples to Apples is not a person you want to have as a friend.

I have never played Apples to Apples.

But I can see no reason why you couldn’t get wasted playing Apples to Apples at parties.

There isn’t one, really. Heck, that would make the game even more hilarious.

Drunk Apples to Apples is fucking A. :D :D

(Is Apples to Apples even technically a board game? Seeing as how it has no game board?)

I have literally played Apples to Apples on my living room floor. With my friends. That I have.

(We weren’t drunk, though. Not that I’d admit it if I had been.)


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“It was all our own fault,” Marilla said resignedly.

-Anne of Green Gables 

‘And Jane and Michael screamed at him as he passed.’

– Mary Poppins

“Mario stopped and looked in the shop window.”

The Cricket in Times Square

“Nevertheless, young Woolsthorpe persevered in his studies of natural philosophy in the way a gentleman should, by digging into any suspicious-looking burial mounds he could find in the neighbourhood, filling up his lizard press with as many rare species as he could collect, and drying samples of any flowers he could find before they became extinct.”

Snuff, by Terry Pratchett

…you know, if you look at it a certain way that’s actually pretty accurate.

“Would you rather X boy or Y boy?”

“What? Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just here studying the mating habits of Homo sapiens. Seeing as how sapience complicates everything it touches, humans’ sex lives are even more interesting than those of ducks. Speaking of ducks, did you know duck penises…”

(I haven’t actually had this exchange, but I could. The beginning question is one I have heard, just not directed at me. Turns out in that group it was strictly volunteers taking part in the highly-euphemistic sex discussions.)

(I did actually read about duck genitalia. You can read it if you want. Beware of animal rape. The TMI should be obvious.)


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This character intro page gives a completely misleading impression of Cacofonix’s importance in the series. You flop, Cacofonix – you mattered in maybe two books? Asterix the Gladiator and Asterix and the Magic Carpet? And you only mattered in the latter because you’d suddenly been given a bullshit magic power that you’d never manifested in any of the twenty-plus books before that.

oh well at least Justforkix thinks you’re cool

yes, everyone in this series has a punny name

my all-time favourites: the two legionaries called Sendervictorius and Appianglorius.

“yes, everyone in this series has a punny name”

this is why my little brother loves the Asterix series beyond all reason. He’s probably read the entire English set by this time, just giggling at all the puns or anything that looks like a pun. (I quite enjoyed going through one of them with him and explaining things like the visiting British druid Valueaddetax – but I was quite startled by how MANY there were. It’s amazing.)

…this is where the Taverley druids get their naming scheme from, isn’t it?



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