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brin-bellway replied to your post: Sorry about you dad :S mine is of the camp that you can’t be anything but gay straight or trans, but he’s less vocal about it lately since some “scientific study” recently. But I’d offer my house if it was mine too XD I can imagine it: “G,…

Good: Mom noticed (at least several months before I did) that I’d never shown any sign of having a sexuality.

Bad: She expressed this as “You could be a lesbian for all I know.” Seems to me if someone never shows any sign of a sexuality, your first thought should be ace. If she’d said that, maybe it could’ve gotten me thinking a few months sooner. This probably indicates she thinks asexuals don’t exist.

Odd thing is, I knew asexuals existed since I was thirteen or so. But with the influence of heteronormativity, I misinterpreted platonic stuff as being signs of straightness. I felt a bit jealous of the asexuals whose blogs I read. Unlike them, (I thought) I didn’t have an excuse for reacting to pretty much every sex act I ever heard of with “You do what? Okaayy…” They never really sounded that appealing.

Nor did I ever feel any infatuation towards people. I knew damn well what infatuation felt like. I’d felt it with books, games, cartoons, music: it’s a feature of my neurotype. More experienced (read: romantic) people of said neurotype told me romantic infatuation felt recognisably similar, so clearly that hadn’t happened. I figured I was too sheltered to find a suitable boy.


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I don’t care what Islam says, Allah will understand when I get an Epidural. Don’t even think I’d go “all natural” on that.

Becca swelled up like a toad frog — everyone thought she would have twins.

And I already sleep on my side, so, it’s okay.


[more menstrual stuff]

You vomit? Yikes. The more I hear about other people’s menstrual problems, the luckier I feel. Even at its worst, it’s not bad to the point of incapacitation: a bit of acne here*, a bit of chocolate craving there, bit of cramping here and there**, mildly enhanced anger which doesn’t even get an opportunity to happen most cycles with my wonderfully un-stressful life. And none of those happen reliably every time: there have been months when the only thing my reproductive organs inflicted on me was the bleeding***.

*According to Mom anyway. It just looks like ordinary adolescent stuff to me.

**Mom thinks I’m lucky because I can tell when I’m ovulating by the secondary cramps. Not seeing how it’s worth even relatively minor pain.

***Which is annoying all on its own. Especially when you’re scheduled for a swim class or a road trip on a heavy-flow day and internal-use stuff squicks you. (I just have to suck it up and use the tampons when that happens.)


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OH MY GOD YOU TOO? I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand the taste of regular milk. Like, even the look of it tweaks my gag reflex. o_o


I have no idea what you’re talking about. Milk is awesome. Including non-organic non-flavoured 2%. You have to be careful, though, because you can’t trust the milk manufacturers. It used to be the expiration date was a conservative estimate. I’ve had milk that was lumpy four days before the sell-by date. I carefully taste any milk with less than a week left. It’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you*, as they say.

I wonder if it’s related to the way it’s bagged. They have bagged milk here in Canada. It’s weird. They sell special pitchers to put the milk bags in; you put in the bag, cut off the top-outer corner, and pour. And they don’t have plastic jugs. (They do have those cardboard-ish cartons, though.)

*Did I ever teach you guys how to speak Goldfish?


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From the personal Nerdist Collection of Whovian Gear Item #104:

Dalek London shirt.

All in all, I think I still want “The Angels have the phone box” more. But this is good too.


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Deconstructed Pocket Watches Look Like Gallifreyan

cross-sectionofthewhovian: Holy——. Suddenly Circlular Gallifreyan makes so much more sense!

something-doctor-who-related: I was thinking exactly the same!

meoplelikepeople: Gallifreeeeeeeeey

unicorn-fish: omg

pretendprism: woahhhhhhhhh

grrrbarrowman: I bet there’s a Time Lord in some other dimension looking at this picture and laughing hysterically at the dirty limerick it spells out

drivemytardis: Oh, I see, now it makes sense… Time lords… Aaaaaaaaw yeah.


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[Image is Multiple Manta against a blue and teal pinwheel background. Top text says, “[Actually, it doesn’t matter who you are]” Bottom text says, “[As long as you don’t hurt anyone]”]


It speaks the truth.


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brin-bellway replied to your post: brin-bellway replied to your post: scribbleboy…

Sounds like prosopagnosia to me. Maybe the cartoon thing…

Tumblr does give you a character limit. Next to the reply button it says “250 max”. The number there goes down as you type. If you keep typing past zero, the number goes into negative, turns red, and the reply button stops being clickable.


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brin-bellway replied to your post: brin-bellway replied to your post: scribbleboy…

Sounds like prosopagnosia to me. Maybe the cartoon thing feeds into my love of sci-fi. The more species diversity in the cast, the easier it is to tell them apart. Damn humans all look alike….

Hair colour only helps so much. At one point my Girl Scout troop had four girls with blonde shoulder-length hair. They all looked alike. Two of them were named Ashley (not really), so I called them all Ashley. That way I had a 50% chance of being right instead of 25%.

All too often, the third person you’re talking to asks “Which one?”, and you’re back to 25%. All too often, the coin of fate lands on tails and the people who don’t even realise there is a left slope laugh at you. (They clearly have some mysterious superpower.)

(250 character limit is hard. This must be what it’s like on Twitter.)


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