Here’s a fun fact for you:

So, you know Dr. Bronner’s soap? The one with the label covered in tiny writing that’s at least, oh, seven or eight deci-Time-Cubes on the incoherent-rambling scale?

On Canadian bottles of Dr. Bronner’s, the ramblings are translated into French.

Now that’s commitment to bilingualism.

(Or possibly commitment to evangelising the All-One-God-Faith.)



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a romcom where the main character has prosopagnosia and has no idea they’ve been wooing the same person for months b/c the other character keeps changing their clothes and hairstyle

#i promise it would be great #but uh probably only … to people who don’t …….. yeah #i don’t know how this would play out to people who can recognize faces lmao #actually the likelihood it would confuse and piss of people without stupid visual agnosias like #makes it better tbh 

Have you heard of Faces in the Crowd? (Note: I haven’t actually seen it, just read about it.) I read some of the IMDB reviews a while back: many of the non-prosos thought it was neat how they portrayed it by having several similar-looking-but-different actors play each part, and the prosos were like “wait, they what now?”.

Similarly, I expect a movie like that would play out better to people with normal facial recognition, both because they are more likely to notice that anything strange is going on at all and because cringe comedy is worse if there’s a layer of “it could happen to you”. (Or would that actually make it better for someone already inclined to like cringe comedy? I wouldn’t know.)


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Landscape blog here

Thank you, Sean Bagshaw!

(Interesting that the original picture is more purple than this version. I think I actually like this one better; it seems more ethereal. Anyway, I’ve encountered too many artists’ complaints and PSAs to dare reblog sourceless art.)

thank you for finding source!

Google search-by-image can be very helpful. I’m pretty sure every one of those PSAs I’ve seen had a section on Google Is Your Friend (Also Our Friend) (But WeHeartIt Is Not Friendly). After a few repetitions it sunk in.


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Mars. In true colour.

Just so you know, a lot of images of Mars which you’ll see have been manipulated. A lot of them have boosted contrast and saturation. So if you’ve ever wondered – images like this one are what Mars actually looks like.

Why does this not have more notes?!?


If you don’t think that’s the tightest shit, you can get out of my face.

i wanted to reblog this so that everyone who sees it can realize just how amazing this is. you are looking at a photograph taken on an entirely different planet. an entire world that has been completely untouched by humanity until only recently. no human in the history of mankind has ever look at those rocks, the soil, the mountains, and the sky until now. and until we finally manage to set foot there for the very first time, no human has ever seen mars from this perspective with their own two eyes or feel the texture of the martian soil on the bottom of their boots. this was only possible by creating a robot, an actual robot, and shooting way out of the reaches of earth and with extremely careful calculations, have it safely land and deploy right where they want it. it’s a robot on another planet being controlled 225 million kilometers away, seeing and studying and sending information for us.

this is the sort of thing you would see in science fiction movies that are only a few decades old. what was only imagination and possibilities back then is now all in this photograph. im looking forward to see what happens in the coming decades

There is nothing about this that is not awesome.


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hurtanminttu asked: Of the neck ridge thing in DS9, I think it’s more that their necks are just so… there and necks are sexy rather than there being any actual canon stuff for it… especially since it does make sense :D

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Yeah, probably. Plus, I can see how someone who was already inclined to think it could take the Natima/Quark thing as confirmation.

(Are necks sexy? I wouldn’t have thought so, but I also wouldn’t have thought catsuits were sexy until I saw people complaining about the treatment of Seven of Nine. It still often slips my mind, in fact.)


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If it’s not true, why does it make so much sense?!

Based on this post about Garak’s clothes: also cameo by Odette

Wasn’t it canon that neck ridges were an erogenous zone for Cardassians? Or did that just show up in fic a lot?

Memory Alpha entry on Cardassians: ‘Cardassian neck ridges were sensitive to touch and massaging them stimulated pleasure. (DS9: “Profit and Loss”)’

Transcript of Profit and Loss: [absolutely nothing on neck ridges, as far as I can tell]


Script of Profit and Loss: “Natima leans her head on Quark’s shoulder and almost unconsciously strokes his lobes. He responds by running his fingers up and down her neck.”

Is that the entire basis for this idea? Really?


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Bohemian Rhapsody is no one’s favorite song, but also everyone’s favorite song. Like, when someone asks what your favorite song is you never say Bohemian Rhapsody but when it starts playing on the radio I am pretty sure you crank it up and belt out every single lyric and you don’t even care you’re so proud.

I’ve, uh. Never heard Bohemian Rhapsody.

(That’s a Queen song, right? The one everybody quotes almost as much as The Princess Bride, that starts with “I see a little silhouetto of a man, scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango”?)

…possibly I should remedy that at some point. Forget Steve Rogers, I need a remedial course in 20th-century pop music. ;S

I’ve listened to a lot of those “60s-70s-80s” radio stations over the years*, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the radio. The first time I heard the song was at seventeen when we were sharing music at Girl Guide camp, and once more on Youtube since then. I don’t know most of the words and it almost never comes up that I don’t know most of the words. (I am aware of its reputation, but almost all the quoting I’ve encountered takes place on the Internet, where people don’t notice you not joining in.)

*They’d probably make for a decent remedial course, too. After a while you start to notice which songs tend to come up. Soon you too can make “Don’t Stop Believing” jokes when a train goes by the tracks within earshot of your house every night at midnight.


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