Tumblr’s favourite types of Guy*:

  1. Guy with improbably specialised skills that just happen to be exactly what’s needed
  2. Guy who knows a guy
  3. Guy who’s normal about things about which it’s not normal to be normal
  4. Guy who has no frame of reference
  5. Guy who should technically be dead, and it’s honestly an excellent question why he’s not
  6. Guy who’s a big fan of substances
  7. Guy who puts together sequences of words that have never been heard before and should never be heard again
  8. Guy who’s inexplicably always damp
  9. Guy who’s the most annoying human being you’ve ever met, but like in a sexy way
  10. Guy with no kids who somehow has single father energy
  11. Guy who’s competent, collected, and thoroughly put together, and who also has one extremely specific thing wrong with him
  12. Guy with fat fucking tits

* Note: a Guy is not necessarily a guy, though it helps

1. Seventeen, Twenty-Seven

2. Eleven

3. Grant

4. The Whole-Thing

5. Lucifer Vance, but also Grant if you think about it.

6. Grant

7. Azad

8. O(3) Shade [nonverbal scratching noise]

9. Hector Stein

10. Lucifer

11. Michael, Hector

12. Cordelia


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Anyone else feel like things have been Very recently? Like it’s all just getting a little Too for me


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I’d give my dearly departed vibrator of 10 years a viking funeral, but I don’t think the ducks at Piney Lakes Reserve will understand why an itty bitty boat with burning plastic is floating around. This will have to do.


#honestly kind of related to…okay not my last two posts anymore #the first two posts of today #fucking AI horses and music streams instead of just having an object that is yours and you do what you want with it #there’s still loopholes‚ still alternatives‚ but it’s getting harder to jump through the hoops #to obtain something that truly belongs to *you* #also my respirator sprung a leak yesterday and I am very grateful to be able to just #go to an industrial-supply website and buy an identical model for three hours’ wages #Godspeed to you‚ first respirator‚ it’s been amazing #(admittedly I *would* like something with a speech diaphragm) #(but I gather those are expensive right now) #(and honestly I think it’s worth having one of these older models around regardless‚ to be able to make use of a wider variety of filters) #also also my glasses were discontinued in 2012 #the oblivious people *around* me can’t even fucking tell whether I’m wearing them or my backup pair #but *I* put the backup pair on and I’m like #”…is this what dysphoria feels like” #”I think this might be what dysphoria feels like” #”oh god” #anyway this has been your regular reminder to fuck cloud dependence‚ no not like that #tag rambles #comics #art #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #transhumanism #nsfw text

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I’m a cis man sure but i also wanna opt out of the gender binary. None of that shit is my fault or my responsibility and i don’t want any part of it


Believing the gender binary is stupid horseshit doesn’t require me to change my gender actually


Yeaheyah you get it. Not trans but i believe in their beliefs. Sometimes i remember people form gender complexes around what alcoholic beverages or colors they like and i just wonder how they’re not fucking exhausted from keeping up this stupid fucking horseshit. Just do whatever you want forever

@nimagine i know u reblogged this from me but ur so correct 🙏 get peer reviewed



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why get a self driving car when god has given u the humble horse you stupid fuck

they will stop when smth in front of them or go a different direction(so no crashing), u cant get locked inside a horse, and many more pros 2 this etc etc

cars don’t poop

another thing modernity has taken from us


#a little while ago on Discord I made a similar point but taken in a very different direction #self-driving cars are horselike (derogatory) #I went horseback riding once and it really gave me a new appreciation for the mindless obedience of a (circa-2010) car #cars don’t pull over to refuel against their driver’s will #(certainly not when they just ate not that long ago) #cars don’t speed up and pass other cars because they felt like it #cars don’t shy away from crossing ankle-deep water #the categories ”tools” and ”entities with minds” should not mix #and it’s such bullshit that we’re regressing back towards using animals for things just because those animals are silicon-based #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #discourse cw?