What’s your favorite type of porn?


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Written word. Consenting characters. Contains no conventionally sexual content (but can contain some stuff that’s only conventionally sexual when foreplay or aftercare, like cuddling): only recognisable as porn through the right kink goggles.

(Willing to bend on the no-sex criterion, especially since with writing you can skim. These days, mostly unwilling to bend on consensuality: I have no ethical problem with the existence of non-con fiction, but it’s not my thing. I try non-written porn sometimes, but with audio and video the bandwidth is too high and it’s too hard to pause/skim/skip-back. Image stills can be okay, but not as good as text.)


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This motherfucker was walking around Comic-Con in a hyper-realistic Walter White/Bryan Cranston mask


guess who was underneath this Bryan Cranston mask

fucking Bryan Cranston.


Aaron Paul’s face is like a million different cries for help all molded into one expression

Rolling 20 on Disguise


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What do you think about arousal?


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I think it’s neat that I can still cause physical responses by thinking, even in something I don’t have direct motor control over. I think there’s always a certain comfort in doing something you expect to cause X response and having X response happen, the satisfaction of a correct prediction.

I do not think that arousal is inherently pleasant. (It generally doesn’t bother me, but I don’t enjoy it except in the more abstract ways described above.) I find it odd that other people talk about arousal as if it were pleasant in itself.

I note that fantasies and (especially) words can arouse me, but actions don’t. Doing non-verbal sexual things can be sexually satisfying, but it is not arousing. (Probably for the best, as it might get distracting.)


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(I might be missing something here, but I’m pretty sure this is at the very least mostly correct:)

Every problem Team TARDIS is currently facing can be traced back, directly or indirectly (sometimes both), to failure to bring their own spacesuits. To assuming that clean, breathable air would be available when they had zero reason to think that (in the case of Chasm Forge) or less than zero reason to think that (in the case of an apocalyptically-fatal-biohazard lab with a known internal breach).

I think they’re teaching a very valuable lesson here: remember, kids, protective gear is not a joke, wear your fucking hazard suits, just fucking do it already.


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Are you missing out?


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I’m missing out on everyone else’s experiences of sexuality, but everyone else is missing out on mine.


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Are you more of a “talk like a textbook and pronounce every single syllable” or a “chew my words until it’s coming out all garbled” autistic person ?

The former, but my metamour is 100% the latter, and I think it’s super cute how my partner is dating both ends of the spectrum.


#garbled #I’d like to be an enunciator but it just doesn’t work #(although) #(I wonder how much of my garbling is *actually* some kind of natural baseline) #(and how much of it is an adaptation to being unable to receive *or send* conversational turn-taking signals) #(perhaps this is just the speaking style that results) #(when you take as a given that people *will* talk over you) #(and try to rush as many words out as possible before that happens) #(…maybe I *don’t* want to be an enunciator) #that excuse for communication called speech #autism


In California, you can revoke a will by “physical act.” This means exactly what you think it means: burn the original, tear it up, cross out all the words, whatever.

If you keep the document and after your death no one can find it, there’s a rebuttable presumption that you destroyed it and it counts as revoked. The bar review lecturer summarizes this as “can’t find it? Got to assume they ate it.”

But mostly I really like the idea of a probate hearing arguing about whether a will was in effect, where the verb is constantly bleeped out. “The will was in effect until the testator [REDACTED] the document…” Nobody knows what happened, but it was very effectively destroyed.


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