Also, interesting note on Lucy’s condition. Stoker is actually subverting what was a common trope in that time period.

It was a common for characters in novels to fall ill, often from tuberculosis, which had similar symptoms as what Lucy is experiencing- paleness, loss of energy, difficulty breathing. A victorian reader would quickly recognise these symptoms, and the trope they are suggesting.

But in this case, nope, it’s not that rascally consumption this time, Lucy’s got a case of the vampires, lads.

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Solar panels are getting cheap. If you’re like me, then this is all the incentive you need to think about buying solar panels. Sure, there’s a lot of other points that appeal: reducing your dependency on fossil fuels, not leaving free money on the ground, sticking your middle finger in the general direction of the power company. The core rationales for me, though: cheap and new toy. Also, the power company cut me off a few weeks ago. It’d be nice to charge my phone without having to go to the library.

Of course, I don’t exactly own an intact-enough house upon which to put heavy solar panels on the roof of. And, legally, the landlord’s next of kin could figure out where he went to and seize the house along with my panels. So the next best thing was to tek-screw them into the roof of an old Dodge Caravan that I found in the airport parking lot. Insurance doesn’t even blink paying out for thefts from there, and to be honest, anyone with a 1993 Caravan who also engages in long-term international air travel is up to something anyway.

Once the immobilized Caravan had been hooked to my house’s electrical system through a series of illegal and highly dangerous male-male extension cords, I was in business. The sun beat down upon the van, and started to fill up my crappy old phone battery. Excellent!

Unfortunately, that’s where things started to go wrong. You see, my yard is already full of broken cars, which left me with no room for the Caravan. As such, I parked the stricken Dodge in the alley, and had to run the extension cords back from it to my home. The natural place for these cords was underground. With a copious amount of swearing, I pushed them through the trenches that the phone company had abandoned when they fled my neighbourhood.

What I didn’t expect was that the presence of electrical current inside the trenches would soon attract a backhoe. My lights all blinked out, and I came outside to find a group of confused construction workers who had accidentally dug up my previously perfectly good extension cords. It’s for the best, anyway: sooner or later I would have forgotten to unplug the van before moving it, and then we’d have a fire on our hands. The water company cut me off, too.


#unreality cw #storytime #I’m aware that OP is fictional‚ but in all seriousness: #you do not have to resort to a fancy five-digits-expense fixed-address solar setup to charge your phone #a Ryno Tuff 21W camping solar panel costs ninety-five CAD‚ weighs one pound‚ and #can keep *several* phones charged if you rotate them out regularly #there also exist pocket-sized power banks with integrated solar panels‚ which are nice-to-have though I wouldn’t bet my life on the quality #(plus you shouldn’t leave a lithium battery baking in the sun repeatedly anyway‚ because it’ll eventually swell up and burst into flames) #(I have a solar power bank but I’d only use that panel if I were caught without my main panel) #(thus far I’ve never been that desperate‚ so I’ve just been using it as a regular power bank) #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #PSA #tag rambles #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what


Recently heard a woman in the airport mention someone she clearly wasn’t very fond of and conclude with “May God be kind to him….someday.”

There are like nine different levels to those seven words. Truly an astonishing form of blessing-curse.


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wuggen asked: 🌻



i am currently playing a game called “is the smoke I’m smelling coming from something inside my apartment burning, a neighbour preparing for a barbecue, or the smoke from grassland fires that is currently covering the city?”

so far the answer is always b or c but it doesn’t do to get complacent

(the weather app on my phone currently says “smoke” in the place where it usually says cloudy or sunny or rainy or whatever. it is very dystopian)

This is what it looks like, btw



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made a character opinion bingo


i don’t do ask memes usually but i did one for michael anomalings almostnowhere (˶♡◡‿◡)

okay i don’t want to be mean to OP but. this is like the worst-designed bingo card i’ve ever seen in my life. look how many of those rows and columns are straight-up impossible to apply to the same character regardless of your opinions on them! even the ones that can technically work, you gotta be like, completely lost in the sauce of your fanon interpretation of a wildly vriska’d up meow meow.

did OP wake up and choose violence? was this deliberately engineered to deny bingos to people???

I’d interpreted the bingo card as “ask meme where people send you characters, you mark off the single best-fitting square for that character, and if you’re lucky enough and get enough asks you get a bingo”.


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“Dragon,” poem assembled using quotations from Wikipedia articles


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Hi this thread is making me insane.



#storytime #food? #oh my god #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #(some other quotes from that Twitter thread to contextualise it:) #(”If it’s not real I’m not even mad‚ #killing a melon with a sword and writing a code to tell a fun story is an incredible way to spend lockdown”) #(”For context btw I have already sent this guy my nudes like‚ months ago. I’ve said we can meet up. #None of this is a ploy to get in my pants and holy shit if it was it’d be the wildest possible way of doing so”) #(”People are rediscovering this and keep retweeting it so I feel like doing another update‚ #the guy who was receiving/executing the melons is now my boyfriend. #We’ve been together about 6 months now and our conversations are still this weird about 50% of the time.”) #(though really you should read the whole thread) #(including watching the videos with sound on) #(half the thread is age-restricted for some reason‚ but if you have objections to Twitter) #((and who doesn’t)) #(you can–I just accidentally discovered–get around that by reading it through Nitter) #(that’s or the Nitter instance of your choice) #(also these people are apparently doing a podcast where they watch seasons of 24 in real time and I may have to check it out)

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