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The alt text of this xkcd comic is:

wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at philosophy

Evan and I decided to test this.

Star Trek: 12 clicks

My Little Pony: 18 clicks

kettle: 15 clicks

Sapphire & Steel: 16 clicks

beer: 13 clicks

South Africa: 14 clicks

…. this would probably be less mindblowingly hilarious if it weren’t 4:30 in the morning, right?


No it is totally as mind-blowing as it sounds

which is to say VERY

This is my new version of the airport game. Best thing ever!

I actually managed to break this one time.  I ended up on an article (I wanna say it was the one on aqueducts, but I don’t recall precisely?) where the first link went to another page and the first link on that page took me back to the previous one.  So I basically ended up in a loop.

That wasn’t about philosophy.

But I haven’t found any other pages that this’ll happen on yet. 

If the link takes you partway down the page, is it the first link from there or the first link from the top of the page? Because if it’s from there, I found a three-part loop first try: Solids –> States of matter#The three classical states –> Bonding of solids –> Solids.

Otherwise it’s 14. (From Hurricane John (2006), the page of the day.)


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new idea for pronouns




replace actual words with guttural noises

ex: nobody can beat mrrgf at turmac roll, gggh is simply the best

can I be ‘sssss’

Dibs on the swedish-chef BORK.

NO WAIT PM can have the bork, I want a crunchy-pickle noise. C:


I want the Spongebob Slidewistle.

What does it say about me that my reaction to this was, not anything about pronouns or word usage, but rather “I wasn’t unbeatable at Turmac Roll, but I was pretty good. I haven’t played Turmac Roll in ages. I should go play some.”

*leaves to play Turmac Roll*


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hii sorry hehe i would ask this through your ask page but my stupid internet provider doesnt allow me open any ask pages. but i just want to know.. what exactly is an owl griffin? :D it looks adorableee!

A large, quadrupedal quasi-avian that loves eggs, large insects and ear tugging. 

This is like one of the most original type of griffon.


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