that purple in the middle is not the right saturation, it doesn’t fit with the other two colors and it drives me crazy.

all right, I think I got this, I’ve got dual citizenship and I have another flag we can borrow from:

step 1


step 2


step 3


This is true bi/ace solidarity.


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I feel like you hear a lot from people who are like “I have this natural tendency to be very scrupulous and hard on myself and self-sacrificing, and EA ideas exacerbate that, so I have to really set boundaries and practice self-care” and so on

and I feel like that experience probably gets overrepresented due to selection bias, so to do my part in correcting that I just want to say that my natural tendencies are to be kinda lazy and self-interested, and I’m really glad the EA memeplex pushes against those tendencies, even though I’m still more lazy and self-interested than I’d like to be

My natural tendency is to be lazy and self-interested, and I’m glad the EA memeplex includes components compatible with those tendencies. Donating 10% of my income to effective charities as assessed by GiveWell or similar organizations is very low-effort, not a big enough hit to my quality-of-life to be incompatible with my self-interest, and nonetheless does a whole bunch of good in the world; the EA memeplex did a very good job of raising that opportunity to my attention, thus enabling me to fulfill my values altruism-wise far better than I otherwise could have done without abandoning my laziness and self-interest in the process. (Which I’m unlikely to do, since it would go against my self-interest.)

It is in my self-interest to live in a thriving world, and I’m glad the EA memeplex gives me more ways to help make that happen.


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Sure, monkeypox has now spread across all of Canada, but don’t worry! Historically it hasn’t been very contagious!


#every fucking news article† is like this and it makes me wonder whether #their fingers are just pressing keys by reflex with no conscious input into their writing #if they actually think it’s not a big deal they should provide Actual Reasons instead of contradicting themselves every paragraph #at least I can take comfort in the thought that there’s a distinct possibility that #–one way or another– #within years my immune system won’t be orthopox-naive anymore and I’ll be in a lot less danger from smallpox lab-leaks-and/or-bioterrorism #(†except arguably Kelsey Piper’s: she technically does use the ”historically it hasn’t been very contagious” line but #overall her article does at least sound like a person wrote it) #illness tw #monkeypox




this pride month I am wishing everyone a very stop overanalyzing yourself and just have fun with it. have gay sex. don’t have any sex. try on a new gender. stop caring about gender at all. talk to your doctor about hormones. go on a date. break up with the person you dont love. whatever it is you have been putting off doing by dithering about it in your head. just do that and fully experience how it feels without trying to put it into words. if you still need a word for it later there will be one. they aren’t going anywhere. but people were here before language and there’s only so far language can go in giving you a fulfilling human experience. so if you are hiding behind finding the right words for whatever it is your heart wants i hope this month you get the courage to just do it instead.


on the other hand. this guy gets it

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i cant believe that ‘im such a top i’ve never submitted to anything, ESPECIALLY not stoplights’ is a real canon sentiment expressed by a real canon death note character


this is, legitimately, one of the funniest fucking things ive seen in my entire life

Los Angeles BB cases were the best

I left this fandom a decade and change ago what the fuck happened in my abscence

Oh my god … I forgot about this 🤣


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My great-grandmother was pregnant for over a decade of her life.

She was pregnant at least fifteen times, had over a dozen children. Raised all of them in a big rambling farmhouse in central Pennsylvania.

And I thought about her this afternoon, lying in bed with my spouse after my lazy weekend nap, snuggling him and burying my nose in his hair, taking deep breaths of the scent of his skin. This man who is the center of my universe, my best friend, one of two reasons why I literally decided I had to live and kept fighting through the pain after surgery when I really wanted to just let go and die: I held him closer and I thought of her.

I thought of how family myth tells us that after a decade of being pregnant pretty much constantly, she kicked my great-grandfather out of their house. How she made him go live in his workshop, and he came to the house for meals and to check in.

But he slept in his workshop.

Not because she didn’t love him, but because she did.

She loved him, and if they slept in the same bed together, these two people who had crossed an ocean together, had built a life together after getting out of Poland together, they’d have sex. And because cheap, reliable, universal birth control wasn’t available then, and she was terribly fecund, apparently, she’d become pregnant again, inevitably.

My great-grandmother was TIRED of being pregnant.

So she kicked her love out of the house, and he went. He lived in his workshop, on their farm, and they stopped sleeping together, in every sense of the word. My father tells me he remembers as a child his grandfather sitting outside his workshop, leaning back on his chair, and looking up at the house in which he couldn’t sleep anymore, just… sad.

They missed each other desperately from across the yard.

I listen to @adhocavenger sleep, to the sound of his breathing, a sound that’s as familiar to me as my own heartbeat, and I can’t imagine having to sleep away from him for long. To have to separate myself from my spouse or to have to completely eschew having the kind of sex they obviously enjoyed having. To not have him close enough at night that I can curl up to him and breathe in the scent of his skin.

And that, I think, is the sort of thing that I think maybe I take for granted. That I know I can be secure in the knowledge that I can have sex with my spouse when I want to, and not have a baby.

The personal is political. I do not want our country to continue to slide backward on reproductive freedom. I do not want us to lose our freedom, threatened and small as it may be.

There are a thousand small tragedies that we talk about from the Olde Days. The unwanted baby of the unmarried lass, of course.

But my heart breaks tonight for the story I was told as a child, of the lovingly married couple who had to sleep apart because she was just damn tired of being pregnant.

Because she’d been pregnant for a DECADE of her life.


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Since getting into the Silm fandom, being in Glasgow city centre and walking past this shop


has become immeasurably more hilarious/horrifying.

I’ve just realised the random picture I chose here has a “Now Hiring” sign in the window, which makes this even better. XD

“Nine vacancies. Experienced kings among the race of Men preferred. Email your CV to annatar@definitelynotmordormail.com.”


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