(last updated November 12th, 2021)

This site is a mirror of my Tumblr: Tumblr has occasionally been known to abruptly delete individual blogs with no warning and only sometimes recourse, and in any case I wouldn’t be surprised if the site ends up collapsing entirely. I encourage you to use the WordPress version whenever practical, *especially* if you want to link to a post: not only is it more stable, it has better formatting and more thorough tagging.

I try to add source attributions in cases where the baseline Tumblr import lacks them (image posts, mostly), but attribution on Tumblr quote-format posts is a nightmare on both the original and imported versions. Where practical, I fix quote posts; if I have any doubt about which contributions belong to whom, I leave the post in its original (confusing) format.

{{Things in double curly brackets are archivist’s notes and were not part of the original posts.}}

For my main profile, and for OPs from after the Tumblr NSFW purge, see my Dreamwidth.

Below are some recurring tags. This section is heavily based on my Tumblr “Tags (and Tumblr-specific profile stuff)” page, but it’s time I tweaked it to better fit its current location. These tags are also used on my Dreamwidth (yes, even “reply via reblog”), except where specified.

First of all, I should note: while there may be the *occasional* post I regret, in general I feel pretty kindly disposed towards my past self. If you see a post in my archives and want to know whether I still endorse it, feel free to ask. There’s a good possibility that I do, and if I don’t I probably still respect past-me for doing the best she could under the circumstances.

(I don’t necessarily still like the people I was reblogging from, though. I’ve been on Tumblr a long time, and a lot of people have worn out their welcomes over the years.)

oh look an original post [not used on Dreamwidth, seemed redundant]

reply via reblog

conversational aglets [not sure if there will ever be a sufficiently equivalent Dreamwidth thing for me to use this tag]: An aglet is a cap on the end of a thread, to protect the thread from damage. It seemed fitting, therefore, to call [reblogs-without-comment of posts where people responded to me, for the purpose of having the complete conversation on my blog so it can be included in my blog backups] “conversational aglets”.

tag rambles [not sure if there will ever be a sufficiently equivalent Dreamwidth thing for me to use this tag]: Not every post with talking in the tags goes in here, just the posts with a lot of it.

replies [not sure if there will ever be a sufficiently equivalent Dreamwidth thing for me to use this tag]: For things people said using the “reply” button on one of my posts, and usually my responses to them.

tales from the askbox

our home and cherished land: Canada and/or immigration. The tag derives from a proposed change to the lyrics of “O Canada” (original line “our home and native land”), in recognition of the fairly large number of Canadians (myself included) who were born elsewhere. From what I can tell, the proposal never really went anywhere, but it lives on in this tag. (And, I’ll admit, I often sing this version instead.)

home of the brave: America, my birthplace. Not used as much as the Canada tag.

our roads may be golden or broken or lost [Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version: “our roads may be golden‚ broken‚ lost“]: Social justice as a culture, rather than an ideology. Tag derives from the song “Wicked Girls”, by Seanan McGuire.

sexuality and lack thereof: General kink tag. Usually stuff I’m into, but not always. (Note: I never posted images of naked erogenous zones (unless you count The Void), though I occasionally post images that are meant to be viewed through the relevant kink goggles.)

people who can distinguish between their drive for sleep and drive for sex fascinate me [no Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version; all kink-related posts solely under “sexuality and lack thereof”]: Dozing fetishism specifically. A lot of overlap with the other kink tag, but not 100%. (If you look at this stuff and think “oh god, I know that feel”, hit me up.)

asexuality: My sexual orientation.

is the blue I see the same as the blue you see [Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version: “the blue I see and the blue you see“]: Subjective experience and the ways it varies between people.

the wondrous variety of sapient life

proud citizen of The Future (positive)

disappointed permanent resident of The Future [Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version: “disappointed resident of the future“] (negative)


homeschool: (As a student, not a teacher.)

Brin owns *two* 2010’s computers now [Dreamwidth more-resilient-when-faced-with-the-change-of-decades version: “smartphones“]: Smartphones. (I got my first smartphone shortly after replacing my failing 2006 laptop with a 2011 model (in late 2014), so one of the tags on the “I got a smartphone” post referenced that. It stuck.)

adventures in University Land: I am very slowly working towards eventually obtained a bachelor’s of computer science certificate of accounting. I *mostly* didn’t talk about it here, because the times there was the most to say about it tended to be the times I was looking for a distraction from it, but occasionally it came up. These days, I also use this tag for continuing-education training.

adventures in human capitalism: Finances, frugality, and such. (Derived from the “adventures in dragon capitalism” tag, which is about basically the same thing but for a video-game player economy instead of a RL one.)

101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers [Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version: “101uses for infrastructureless computers“]: Archiving and emergency preparedness.

Tumblr: a User’s Guide [Dreamwidth non-colon version: “tumblr – a user’s guide“; see also “dreamwidth – a user’s guide“]: Tips and tricks on how to cope with the blue website.

The Great Tumblr Apocalypse: Tumblr updates.

The Last Tumblr Apocalypse: The NSFW purge of December 2018. In the end I decided to linger on Tumblr (in a more limited way), long enough to witness yet other apocalypses afterward, but I still think that people looking back will see this as the beginning of the end.

storytime: Stories I’ve reblogged for your reading pleasure. Currently doesn’t distinguish between origfic and things that (claim to be) real.

fanfic: There *is* distinguishing for fanfic, however.

story ideas I will never write: (There is no corresponding tag for “story ideas I *will* write”, because I currently don’t plan on writing any stories.)


anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog [Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version: “laugh rule“]: This tag predates the standardising on the “laugh rule” tag. (I may have been the person who introduced the idea of the laugh rule to rationalist Tumblr, I’m not sure. I know I came up with the idea independently.)

I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog [no Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version]: The sister tag to the previous one.

high context jokes: The cousin tag to the previous two.

Fandom/media tags:


Doctor Who: Mostly 21st-century; I’ve barely seen any Classic.

Flight Rising

Harry Potter


in which Brin learns to speak Pokemon: Usually Pokemon Go, sometimes Pokemon generally.

Red Panda Adventures

Red vs Blue: (I generally don’t post RvB stuff anymore. While it *was* reasonably entertaining, I was only really watching it so I would understand what people were talking about, and when I stopped travelling in circles where people talked about it I stopped bothering to keep up with it.)

Star Trek: An umbrella tag, with the following sub-tags:








Star Wars: Comes up more often than you might think, considering how little I’ve watched. Cultural osmosis will get you far.

media I consumed primarily to know what all the fuss was about [no Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version]

reactionblogging: Posts about media I just consumed.

Some blacklist tags (some of which are also category tags, either primarily or secondarily) [Dreamwidth has no purely-cw tags: content warnings are in the main post body]:

in which Brin has a food poisoning phobia [Dreamwidth 40-character-limit version: “in which Brin has food poisoning phobia“]

death tw

illness tw

amnesia cw

discourse cw: I mostly try to avoid getting into fights, but there are rare exceptions.

(Yes, the formatting for primarily-blacklist tags is inconsistent. Like I said, I’ve been on Tumblr a long time. The format *is* consistent within a tag, though.)

Traditionally this is where the selfie tag would go, but I don’t post selfies. This is about as close as it gets.