Architecture Studio, a new set from Lego, comes with 1,210 white and translucent bricks. More notable is what it lacks: namely, instructions for any single thing you’re supposed to build with it. Instead, the kit is accompanied by a thick, 277-page guidebook filled with architectural concepts and building techniques alongside real world insights from prominent architecture studios from around the globe. In other words, this box o’ bricks is a little different. Where past Lego products might have had the happy ancillary effect of nurturing youngsters’ interest in architecture, here, that’s the entire point.

Seventy-three different kinds of bricks are included in the set. But bricks are easy to find. It’s the guidebook that’s truly new. Its pages offer accessible overviews of basic architectural concepts, along with illustrated exercises for exploring them in Lego form. Pages on negative space and interior sections, for example, encourage budding builders to think not only about how their miniature creations look from the outside but also in terms of what sorts of spaces they contain within them.

Oh my goodness

Oh my.



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AmoeBAND became a 2012 IDEA Award Finalist by innovating every possible aspect of the plaster (band aid).

The design revisions were:  

Strategic cut-outs shape to fit fingers in such a way that it is easy to bend them and not disrupt the bandage.

– An intelligent dressing material allows you to regularly check wounds from the outside, without upsetting the healing process.“According to research, the when an infection of a wound is detected, the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5. AmoeBAND’s indicator cross turns purple, alerting the user needs to change it immediately.

– Since the bandage material used exudes a leather-like feel, availability in different skin-tones helps it blend in, without overly highlighting the injury.

– The packaging has been redesigned to a matchbox style and includes Braille instructions.

Hat tip to designers Tay Pek-Khai, Hsu Hao-Ming, Tsai Cheng-Yu, Chen Kuei-Yuan, Chen Yi-Ting, Lai Jen-Hao, Ho Chia-Ying, Chen Ying-shan, Weng Yu-Ching, and Chung Kuo-Ting

it’s always funny when people improve on something and you look at the innovations and it’s like so fucking obvious what needed to be changed, but yet no one seemingly thought of it until then, yourself included

Ah, it’s been a while since the last time I saw this post going around. Still wondering when/if it’s actually going to come to market. Still wondering why they’re not emerald green.

(Is it somehow embarrassing to be obviously wearing a bandage? Why are only little kids allowed decorative ones? And if for some reason you don’t want decorative ones, there are already bandages out there that are transparent, which seems like a better solution than just having several shades of one-size-fits-no-one skin tones.)


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Safe April Fools!



People are posting “You won’t see screamers on this blog” things for April Fools.

I will also not post obnoxious things for April Fools!

I don’t think it’s nice.

Also I won’t have electricity.

I’m getting my power turned off for April Fools.

(It’s not a joke).

(It’s a part of remodeling).

Officially joining the Safe April Fools movement, here.

(Also be told, errbody: if you post a screamer or assholeish April Fool’s joke, I will automatically unfollow you, no exceptions.)

*nod* This blog is a prank-free zone.

Then and Now (iii): Away Mission Protocol



janeway: since not all of you are starfleet i want to go over away mission protocol before we beam down

janeway: first and foremost never become separated from your team

janeway: all teams must report to the bridge at least once every 24 hours

janeway: ensure that each of your teams has one emergency pack, consisting of one standard issue portable habitat, one medical supply kit, and two weeks worth of ration bars

janeway: and of course remember to always conduct yourself with the grace and dignity befitting your position


janeway: all right before i release you people on this unsuspecting planet let’s go over the rules

janeway: no ruining the economies of foreign nations

janeway: no getting eaten by giant worms

janeway: no pretending to be someone’s god to get free stuff

janeway: no acquiring stray children

janeway: no accidentally creating serial killers with your thoughts

janeway: no gladiatorial death matches

janeway: no barroom brawls

janeway: no aiding robots in their war for world domination

janeway: no sentient souvenirs imbued with the spirits of vengeful lovers

janeway: no selling drugs for your childhood friends

janeway: no getting kidnapped

janeway: no accidentally aiding totalitarian regimes

janeway: and finally

janeway: no getting arrested

janeway: i think that’s everything

tom: hehehehe

janeway: what


janeway: tom put some pants on


janeway: tom



janeway: tuvok

janeway: add pants to the list


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Neuro-atypical Weather Forecast

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#not sure why they expect me to be able to focus on the crawl and the speech at the same time #I suppose that’s part of what the subtitles are for #abandon the audio in favour of devoting all primary sensory processing to visuals #(recently I was watching one of those how-to-adult videos) #(and there was a bunch of text on the screen that was *different* from what they were saying) #(I had to go through it twice) #(once listening and ignoring the video) #(once watching and ignoring the audio) #(and then the following video basically said) #(that if somebody else asks me out on an ambiguously-romantic date) #(it is *my* responsibility to make it clear if it is platonic) #(otherwise it will be and *should* be assumed romantic) #(like dude) #(if you’re going to suggest an outing it’s *your* job to state what you mean by that) #(if you rely on societal narratives to determine whether we’re dating) #(we’re *both* going to feel betrayed by the other) #(you’re going to feel strung along) #(and I’m going to feel you tricked me into dating you) #(it should not be possible to *accidentally* date someone) #(I didn’t go back to those videos after that) #tag rambles #lots of tag rambles