I’m Flying Back To The Caribbean Today



Well, tonight. I leave at 22:00, then I fly to [Stay-Over Country] in the Caribbean. I’ll be stuck in the airport [Stay-Over Country] until for 4hours (until 7:50 the next day). After that, I fly home.

But, on the (literally) bright side, the sun will rise up above the airport at 6:22!

I wonder if that’s enough information to find your flight numbers…hmmm….

I had pretty much the same thought. The conclusion I came to was “Probably, but I would feel like a creep, so I’m not going to do it.”


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Kink And Romance Survey: Demographics


Kink And Romance Survey: Demographics

So, mumblemumble months ago, I did a survey! And then I kind of forgot about analyzing the data! Sorry about that! But now I have remembered and there shall be a bunch of posts about what I have found. First, raw statistics! Later, I will write a post on the results of the qualitative questions, and finally a post on interesting correlations and hypothesis testing. The survey was taken by 460…

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New XKit Signed Release

{{Title link: https://github.com/new-xkit/XKit/releases/tag/firefox-v7.7.3 }}


Hey guys, we’ve been made aware through various channels that about two weeks ago Mozilla changed their policies on Extension Signing—something that we were never notified about, even given that we had reviews open at the time—and we were able to get our extension signed without re-writing it, contrary to what we had been told earlier by Mozilla volunteers.

Anyway, without further ado, we’re proud to present a version of New XKit that works with Firefox 43! Nothing else has changed, it’s literally exactly the same extension you have installed, but working. You’ll still have to download it directly from our github for now because Mozilla won’t show it on their store, but that’s a minor inconvenience in the long run, and we’re working on addressing it.

Anyway, let us know if you have any questions! And as always, if you got any trouble with XKit, you are welcome to join our support chat room. (hosted on gitter, if you want to join with a github account)


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I was on the bus thinking about Harry Potter tonight and I remembered the part where the Dementors all show up at the Quidditch game, and I remembered how they were all looking up at Harry, and I wondered why they would all be staring at him, and then I realized that it’s because he has two souls in him.

On this note, wouldn’t that also be a reason why Harry would have had a more negative reaction than his friends (even Ginny)? He was hearing his mother’s voice as she was protecting him, which in itself was his worst memory. but the Dementors were also forcing the piece of Voldemort to relive its worst memory as well… The memory of being ripped apart by the curse that backfired. No wonder Harry passed out so often.

I literally never thought about that.



Oh FUCKING HELL, you just made me realize that it wasn’t Harry’s memory that was his father telling Lily to take Harry and run, and it wasn’t Harry’s memory of Lily screaming.

Here I was, just eating a cup of applesauce under the 14-year-long assumption that the reason a small infant was able to remember something was because this was a fictional world of magic, but no, now this entirely reasonable and somewhat less terrifying bubble has burst and I’m never going to recapture that innocence. 

I’m going to fucking bed.


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I’m back from my meetup with @sinesalvatorem! I am neither kidnapped nor dead in a ditch! (Can’t make any promises about mind-controlled: it could just be really subtle.)

I had a good time, and I think she did too. There was the occasional awkward cultural issue, but I suppose it’s to be expected. We talked a bunch and ate Chinese food and talked some more.

A lot of the conversation was about differences in Canada vs America vs [Redacted], and that was interesting, but it was very neat the way we also had shared cultural referents from being in the same Internet social group. I’m used to having to either explain a bunch of backstory or be very vague when talking offline about stuff I read on the Internet, but with her I could just say “You know Ozy’s blog post, the one that starts with them talking about how they took the Wizard’s Oath as a kid” and yes, she knows. (For those of you I know from other Internet social groups who are wondering what I’m referring to, here’s a link to satisfy your curiosity.) It was nice to experience that.


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