A Vulcan named Stork works at the Terran adoption agency. Parents always request that he be the one to deliver their child to them.

It’s years before anyone explains it to him.

People keep gifting him robes with long white birds on them.


The fun thing is he would understand why people were getting him outfits with storks on them. That’s a word, it’s his name, straightforward. All the humans get him the same gag gift, but like, they’re putting effort in at least. This is a genuinely nice outfit. Stork will be a walking zero-effort pun sometimes, rather than waste a perfectly fine robe.

It’s fine. This is a readily comprehensible human illogic. Exactly the kind of thing he expected from moving to Earth.

Six years in he finds out about the stork bringing babies.

Stork has a good long meditation session about this myth, his name, his job, the outfits, the whole shebang (or whatever Vulcan concept is the equivalent).

And he decides he’s honored by it, in a humanly illogical way.

The humans are asking him to do what is after all his job, and specifically requesting him for the joy his name brings them on top of an already agreeable and satisfying task. He has no objection to engendering positive emotions in others. Harm hastens the heat-death of the universe, Surak teaches, so happiness must logically slow it down.

Plus, Vulcans of his generation love puns. There were two decades of punning competitions in colleges across the planet. So when he realizes that he is a walking zero-effort pun, and that the humans also love the pun, he is all for it. He is the Joe Cool of the entire Vulcan population in his city.

And via this pun, the humans are including him in a cherished and traditional myth, by casting him as the literal bringer of life and the expander of families.

There’s no downside. Stork wears his robes, pins, keychains, and other bird-related tchotchkes with genuine pride.


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a remote work site made the brilliant decision to hook their automated ad account — which responds to any tweet that mentions remote work and remote jobs — up to gpt-3

the result is people pioneering new forms of attack in real time


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THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (2010) — Robert Pattinson’s audio commentary with Kristen Stewart

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“Sorry this chapter is late!! I spent the last few days trying to find a laptop charger in the zombie horde wastelands, you know how it is. Anyway, as always, betaed by sasukesass52, who spent all her designated wifi time in the bunker screaming at me on discord, so I know all of you will love this chapter and the next. Enjoy~”


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This is an acrylic magnifying glass with a green strip in it that helps you read long strings of numbers! It’s been known for a while that putting a colored filter over pages can help people with dyscalculia read numbers without them flipping places, but this is the first time I’ve seen something so simple and accessible. I put it on some test numbers and my eyes didn’t feel like they kept wanting to jump around all over the number. I can keep this on my desk and use it on paper, or hold it up to my monitor to read long numbers at work! It may help people in other ways as well, this is just what I bought it for and I already love it!

I found it at a Daiso location, but there are probably others online.

Spread the word!

EDIT: It’s also like $2, so pretty much anyone who needs it can afford it!


wait what? oh dog this is like one of those colour blindness tests where you find out you can’t see reds. my brain can’t parse the kit lot without reading it out loud and remembering how the numbers sound but the green numbers are different.


wait hold up.. how the fuck does this work??? I need it in my life like.. stat. But… HOW does it work? What the fuck is up with our brains that a green filter makes a difference? I’m so confused! Brains are so wierd!


I don’t know, but when I was a piano performance major in college, I had to copy and re-print my music on colored paper in order to read it. So yeah, this works.


This is by far the DUMBEST workaround for dyscalcula I have ever seen and I am OUTRAGED because I have been using a fluorescent blue fill in excel for YEARS and I HATE THAT THIS IS WHY I FIND IT EASIER TO READ NUMBERS



FUCK i needed this so bad 25 years ago, i might have stood a chance at passing a single high school math class.


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