They say the darkness cannot harm you. That your fears are imaginary.

They lie.

The truth is there are creatures in the dark.

Specters that stalk and twist our minds. Monsters that change you into mindless mechanical beasts. Demons whose only goal to destroy the entire disgusting human race.

But there are people who fight to keep you safe.

People who fight in the dark so you can live in the light.

We are the Foundation. We secure. We contain. We protect.





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URGENT: East Coast / Northeast / Midwest US
All the forecast models are falling into agreement that by Monday/Tuesday Sandy will swing back into the coast, likely somewhere between MA and NC. Affected areas will likely be anywhere from Maine down to the Carolinas, and as far west as Illinois. Northern areas are most likely to experience storm surges; southern areas be prepared for snow… lots of it. Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in particular should be ready for a full day of heavy snowfall.

Best case scenario looks like is this storm will be another Irene.
Worst case, another 1991 “Perfect Storm.” NWS has already dubbed this the “Frankenstorm.”
Get your ass prepared now!

– Fill your car’s gas tank now; maybe get an extra can.
– Prepare for widespread and possibly extended power outages. Get heaters or generators ready.
– If you have any trees/limbs that are in danger of falling onto your house, you may wish to remove them now.
– Make arrangements for friends and relatives who cannot prepare for themselves.
– Put away all your patio furniture— Summer’s Over, Bitch!
– Get a motherfucking weather radio.
– Reassess any travel plans for Monday through to the end of the week. Stock up on booze instead.
– Sorry, Halloween’s off again this year. Stock up on booze instead.
– Take advantage of early voting. They’re not going to postpone the election.

Signal boost this wherever you can. Obvs don’t want people to panic as the models won’t reveal the final scenario until Sandy passes through Cuba and takes its final eastward shift before getting sucked into the Nor’easter dropping from Canada. But better to be prepared now before the inevitable run on supplies begins.



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boosting for my east coast friends



Seriously don’t take this one lightly.




-Withdraw cash. If you need to buy anything for any reason, chances are the machines will be down and so will the banks.

-Make sure to have at least a week’s worth of food and fresh water (the water table can be contaminated in very bad storms).

-Pets will need food, water, and shelter too. Make sure when you stock up, you include them.

– Flash lights, batteries, flares, and as many solar powered lamps/generators as you can.

– Make sure you’re far enough away from open water to avoid storm surges, slides, etc.

– Don’t just rely on generators and heaters. Have lots of layered clothing/blankets/sleeping bags

– Always ALWAYS watch how much snow/ice is on your roof.



I knew we were due for a Snowmageddon.



do not want for birthday mother nature… fuck.



aw fuck



I have plenty of analog porn

I’m good

(also waiting for all the churchified ppl who hate my pagan witchcraft to beg me for candles again in the event of a blackout, that’s always good for a laugh)



Awwww fuck, better get all my moving done this weekend then.



After a two-hour briefing on this storm today, here’s the relevant facts:

  • New York City is in a vulnerable position right now due to storm surges and, well, the fact that we’re nearing a full moon so tides will be high. If you’re in that area, keep abreast of the weather. If you’re along the east coast, storm surges are gonna be your greatest concern.
  • High elevations in Virginia may see some snow out of this, but a variety of factors have put the ECMWF model’s earlier dire lots-of-snow-across-the-northeast forecast to bed. Do keep in mind that for any snow estimates, a lot of TV forecasters are going to be using a ten-to-one ratio to convert the model’s liquid water output to snow, which is not at all accurate under these conditions. If there is snow in your area, chances are it’ll be a helluva lot less than the news says. Many, many areas are absolutely too warm to be getting snow based on current model consensus.
  • Further west of, say, eastern Pennsylvania… you’re pretty much getting a dump of rain and moderate winds that are fairly unlikely to damage much of anything. This storm will be well into its extratropical transition, and while it is an extremely unusual situation (its 500-mb heights were five standard deviations from normal in today’s analysis!), that doesn’t automatically make it extremely dangerous. 


  • In coastal areas near landfall: the media fuss over this is probably warranted. Stay on the safe side.
  • EVERYWHERE ELSE: the media fuss over this is absolutely unwarranted. You’re gonna get some rain. At high elevations, you’re gonna get a wee bit of snow. You’re gonna get some wind. If you have exceptionally shitty power lines in your area, you might lose power, but you’re probably used to that by now. Stay out of the storm and read a good book. Don’t panic.

I’ve set the click-through link to the NHC’s website. That’s where you should be getting your information. Other source:


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Woodland House in Wales, UK- The hobbit house was created by 32 year-old Simon Dale for himself, his wife and two children. It only took 4 months and £3,000 to construct. The eco friendly home is equipped with a wood burner for heat and solar panels to provide power. “This sort of  life is about living in harmony with both the natural world and ourselves, doing things simply and using appropriate levels of technology,” says Dale. 

I would love to build a home like this.

One day…


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