This is your annual warning that *there will be no warning* when fire season is about to start. Nobody’s going to post “Hey everyone, remember, fire season starts next Friday!”. The state will just catch fire. You will wake up and the sky will be orange. It could be tomorrow, it could be July, it could be August, we could get incredibly lucky and skip it altogether. If you hope to buy an indoor air purifier before fire season, if you want to ensure everyone in your home has a P100 for going outside, if you want to stockpile water and you haven’t already, the time to do it is today.


#101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #yes this #I would recommend those things (especially the latter two) even if you’re *not* in a wildfire zone but yeah #(I have not managed to convince anyone else in my family to get a P100 and our water containers are not as sturdy as I would like) #(but other than that) #((I keep an eye on the Reliance website: I hope the Rhino containers come back in stock soon)) #(((also this post has gotten 22k notes in 2 days and it’s always weird to see that happen to a mutual))) #fire #PSA


I’m not usually one to advocate in favour of gender roles, but it’s my firm belief that no matter what your family unit’s parent-and/or-guardianship situation is, it’s essential to your children’s proper upbringing that one of those parents-and/or-guardians be the designated Person Who Makes Dad Jokes.


#I didn’t find out until well into my twenties that Dad Jokes were a whole Thing #I thought it was just my dad #to be fair he is exactly the sort of person who would independently invent dad jokes #gender #my childhood



decided to colour and render this drawing for no other reason that I thought it’d be funny


#Star Trek #DS9 #art #fanart #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(fun fact: I somehow managed to miss ”Waltz” every single time it came up on the Space channel’s rotation) #(I had not *realised* there were any episodes left that I hadn’t seen) #(that DS9 Rewatch was a very disconcerting experience)