Today’s lesson on health care economics:

On GoodRx, a month’s worth of sildenafil 20 mg costs $17.25

On the same site, a month’s worth of sildenafil 25 mg costs $507.24

Does anyone buy the 25 mg version? You bet – I saw a patient who was on it yesterday (don’t worry; he’s since been switched over).

What’s going on here? Sildenafil has two FDA approvals – one, under the name “Revatio”, for hypertension. The other, under the name “Viagra”, for – well, you know.

The FDA only approved Revatio at doses of 5 and 20 mg, and only approved Viagra at doses of 25 and 100 mg. So sildenafil 20 mg has “Revatio” on the box and sildenafil 25 mg has “Viagra” on the box. Revatio is generic and dirt-cheap; Viagra is still on-patent and expensive.

But can’t people who want Viagra just buy Revatio?

Yes, totally. But the average patient doesn’t know this is going on. And the average doctor doesn’t really have any incentive to care because they’re not the one buying it (I’ve had patients who have asked their doctor to prescribe the cheaper version, and the doctor has refused because they want to do it the “proper” way). And I think it’s illegal for the insurance companies to insist, because technically the FDA only approved sildenafil 25 mg for erectile dysfunction but didn’t approve sildenafil 20 mg.

(also, some people are like “But I need a higher 50 mg dose of Viagra, and Revatio only goes up to 20 mg!” As the ancient rationalist proverb goes, have you tried thinking about the problem for five minutes?)

At the advice of my doctor, I’m on pseudo-prescription naproxen. Instead of one 500mg prescription pill, I buy the 220mg OTC stuff and take double the dose on the label: it’s close enough, and it’s somewhat cheaper per mg if you don’t have prescription coverage. She said if I ever do get prescription coverage I should let her know and she’ll write me an official prescription then.

I love my doctor.

(Please do not take prescription-strength naproxen without medical supervision: you can fuck up your liver.)

Side benefit:

People in the spring: “it’s horrible that they’re making *chronically ill* people go to a *pharmacy* *every month* and risk plague! patients aren’t allowed to keep buffers of medications they often need to *survive*!”

Me: *looks with a mixture of relief and awkwardness at my 200-pack of Aleve*

(Note: I only need it around the onset of menstruation, so 200 OTC-sized pills is about a ten-month supply.)

(Store-brand naproxen doesn’t come in 200-pack, and the bulk-discount benefit outweighed the name-brand penalty.)


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surgical masks do not seal that well ime                         

basically all the background smells come thru

yeah it would be nice if they came with better nose pieces but they don’t

Firstly: it can be easy to acclimate, and the different between surgical-mask and maskless is often best observed through comparison. When you take your mask *off*, especially but not necessarily outdoors, are you abruptly hit with a wave of scent?

(Taking off my mask for a solo picnic a couple weeks ago was a powerful experience. After all these months of worrying every time I smelled anything outside my house, it was bittersweet to be so viscerally reminded that yes, I really am missing a lot.)

Did you have the same problems with 2010s-made masks, back when they let ordinary people have medical-grade ones? I tried a 2020-made disposable mask a couple months ago and it was complete shit, absolutely did let all of those background scents through [link].

I saw some random doctor recently saying that he supplements his nosepieces by putting a band-aid seal on over the top. Seems worth a shot: might try it at work tonight, I *have* been noticing early signs of nosepiece failure in both of my cloth masks. (So far I’ve just planted my glasses firmly over the top to help hold it down.)


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Since the beginning of 2020, customer satisfaction with scented candles has been dropping at a much faster rate compared to unscented candles.

(it’s easy to overlook the Twitter source link in the Tumblr metadata and there’s some useful context in there, so here’s another link to it)


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poipoipoi-2016: – Example

Friends don’t let friends give their entire extended families COVID.


#AAAAAAAAAAAAAA #today in We Live in a Horror Movie: the ”the call is coming from inside the house” edition #(personally I am *not* a clueless horror-movie protagonist and I have been keeping an eye (so to speak) on my sense of smell) #(when I was in quarantine I kept a bottle of peppermint oil on my bedside table) #(and opened it once or twice a day to check if my nose was still working) #((it was)) #(also remember that that’s for times when you’re *not* wearing a mask) #(if you’re currently wearing a mask having a sense of smell that’s *too good* is the bad sign because it means problems with your mask seal) #(if you’re wearing an N95 the correct level of sense-of-smell to have *is* in fact *zero*) #(for a surgical-shaped mask you should get occasional whiffs of stuff but little or no background scents) #(that includes cloth‚ though the occasional whiffs will likely be somewhat more frequent than they are with a well-made #–(not churned-out-for-2020 shit)– #disposable) #((yes‚ you can smell that surgical masks aren’t as good as N95s; yes‚ it’s scary)) #tag rambles #illness tw #covid19 #Yankee Candle #embarrassment squick?

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