The Indian roller gains its name from its elaborate courtship displays, during which it performs some startling aerobatics culminating in a series of ‘rolling’ motions. The Indian roller is a medium-sized bird which, when perched, appears a fairly drab brown, with a blue crown and lower wing. In flight, however, it is extremely striking, with its deep purple-black wings, bright blue rump, and a blue band across the tail becoming visible. Its eyes are greyish-brown and the strong, hook-tipped bill is blackish-brown. (Source)

This looks like a bird that was colored in MS Paint or something.


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I just realized that I’m right-shifted. I have been using only the right shift key for capitalization for an unknown period of time, and deliberately using the left shift key feels awkward and makes me mistype my passwords.

Are you left-handed? I feel like the reason I’m left-shifted is to keep my right index finger closer to the mouse touchpad, but that might be an after-the-fact justification.


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I Finally Figured Out Why I Need Your Help!

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New blog post up! This one is especially worth checking out if you like my EMC smut, because it’s got a link to a crowdsourced add-on to Simon’s site that has searchable story tags. And, yes, a request to go in and tag all my stories so that you can all find the bits of my stuff that best appeal to your naughty bits, but hey, if we all pitch in together we’ll all find the kink we love!

Think of it as an Amish barn raising, only for porn. A sexy, sexy Amish barn raising.

Holy shit! This is a thing?! A version of the EMCSA whose tagging system isn’t completely fucking useless?!

Filters!! By consensuality!!! And- okay, it looks like there isn’t actually a tag for “contains no sex in the conventional sense of the term”, but you could at least get a partial negative-space kludging by saying you dislike every form of sex-in-the-conventional-sense listed! Which is a hell of a lot better than what the EMCSA alone would let you do!!

Oh my god, the EMCSA might actually be usable now.

I’m late for homework time right now, but I am so going to try this out later.


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PSA: If you don’t want to see a creepy horror ad where a girl crawls out of a Tumblr post towards you, Tumblr Savior the word “rings”.


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Doom 3? Yeah, it runs Doom. Wait, what?

Terminal Doom is a mod that lets you play Doom 1 shareware on a computer inside Doom 3. Obviously. 

This is done by refactoring the entire Doom engine into a single class, which renders out the screen to a Doom 3 terminal. Or something.

This was done as a proof-of-concept for how far Doom 3’s interactive-surfaces system can be taken, and also probably because it’s pretty funny.


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Ten toasts for uncertain times


1. To the hedgehog of truth, and all who pull the litter of lies from its bristles.
2. To draining our glasses, lining them with soft wool, offering them to adorable baby animals as beds and posting the results on the internet.
3. To the wandering and lost: may there be a lantern and a hearth for them, and a welcoming door open in the darkness.
4. To the calm of the ocean after the storm, and the first sunrise after the clouds have cleared.
5. To time, which no wall can endure.
6. To the construction and maintenance of an efficient fuck supply chain, such that we may give a fuck when it is needed but not otherwise have fuck silos overflowing with excess fucks.  
7. To the tide that is ebbing, but will one day turn again.
8. To the passing of months and the change of seasons.
9. To the toast in the kitchen of uncertain times: may it fuel us for the work that is to come.
10. To people: may they never forget that other people are also people.

6. To the construction and maintenance of an efficient fuck supply
chain, such that we may give a fuck when it is needed but not otherwise
have fuck silos overflowing with excess fucks. 



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For anyone betrayed by that post going around that claimed to be “Weightless” by Marconi Union (aka “the most relaxing song ever”), but was actually (spoilers) n inevnag bs “Pbggba Rlr Wbr”: here is an actual recording of “Weightless”.


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this pun is entirely worth breaking my tumblr silence for


As an ex-French-student, I approve

My personal favourite bilingual packaging (so far) is a brand of toilet paper that, in its description, emphasises how it’s made from recycled wood.

English: Tree-sponsible!

French: Respons-arbre!


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i always know when a fic writer has never experienced a hickey

How? It’s not like you’ve experienced one either.

“[Character A] licked and nibbled [Character B]’s collarbone, leaving dark purple spots along the way.”

either they’re tossing away the meaning of “nibbled” for the advancement of smut or they have a solid misunderstanding of hickeys. it takes like four or five straight seconds of hard suction to make a spot “dark purple”.

okay so two options here:

“[Character A] licked and nibbled [Character B]’s collarbone, leaving faint pink spots along the way.”

OR (and this one is better imo)

“[character A] sucked on the skin of [character B]’s collarbone harder than a vacuum on high power, leaving behind appropriately dark purple hickeys”

“[Character A] puckered their lips and absolutely Hoover™’d the life out of [Character B]’s entire neck. ‘You DirtDevil™’ [Character B] said with a breathy sigh.”


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