See, the thing about Pluto is that as a planet it never really fit in. It hung out with the planets because there weren’t really a lot of other options, but it was always the weird kid that kept wandering off by itself.

So we looked around and found Pluto some critters like itself to make friends with. They’re all long-distance from each other and a bit scattered, and as far as a name for their shared identity they’re very much in the teenage experimenting-with-words phase, but Pluto feels a lot better now. We don’t have to be sad for it not being a planet anymore, it found an identity that fits it better. :-)


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Okay, what if–instead of TOS!Uhura or TOS!Kirk or any other TOS character showing up in the AOS verse–Ben Sisko ends up popping into the AOS Enterprise by accident? 

Like, he just appears on the bridge one day, looks around confused for a second, and then says, “Something tells me this is not the timeline I was shooting for.”

Because learning interdimensional travel from a species that has no concept of time is hard, folks. 

And Ben just has to hang out on this shiny Enterprise until his Prophet mom comes by to pick him up.

In the mean time, adventure ensues.


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*Knocks on door* Do you have some free time to talk about our lord and savior Jean-luc Picard?

*lifts up one mug of earl gray and another of coffee* Only if you also wish to talk of our lady and savior Kathryn Janeway.

*crawls through your kitchen window with baseball gear* HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS OF THE EMISSARY OF THE PROPHETS, BENJAMIN SISKO

*falls out of the overhead storage bin* Have… *is followed by an avalanche of tribbles* mgmph *surfaces briefly* youheardofthe *is buried under another avalanche of tiny furry bodies* grand legacy of *where the fuck are these tribbles coming from* *crawls out from the bottom of the pile* the All-Father, James T. Kirk— *oh god no more tribbles SO MANY TRIBBLES* *is lost to the furry, purring mass*


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sathinfection asked: name your top 5 deforrest kelley moments


I assume you mean nonfictional?

Top 1 DeForrest Kelley Moment

2. On his favorite fan letter:image


4. The fact that the only time he did swear in public was when he accidentally said “Shit!” in front of a princess:


5. Myrtle!!




6. ’Kelley recalls: “When I was doing the series, I was quite a bit huskier…and Shatner was always with the barbells, and he’d come in [flexing and posing], and every day when I got off, I’d go and take the makeup off, and you strip to the waist and get all this stuff off. I’d come back through. He’d be sitting in his little chair, you know…I’d flex, and I’d walk by him every day. One day he says “Look, cracker-ass, why don’t you knock that off?”…I called him bubble-butt.”’



8. “”The other cast members weren’t slouches either. One day, during a particularly intense confrontation between McCoy and Spock, DeForest Kelley leaned forward and kissed Leonard Nimoy on the nose. Leonard just stared at him, shocked, then realized what he had done and broke up. But it didn’t end there. They couldn’t do a retake. Every time Leonard got close to DeForest and looked him in the eye, he broke up laughing again. And the effect was contagious. Pretty soon no one on the set could keep a straight face. Leonard and De were too conscious of their nose-to-nose position, they couldn’t stay in character long enough to do the shot. Finally, Joe Pevney, the director, gave up. They had to move to another set and pick up some other shots””

9. That one time during a convention with Nimoy where they were to read out a short story written for a Star Trek contest. And at the mention of the late Enterprise, they both paused and put their hands over their hearts—and De did a double-take, before hopping (yes, hopping) over to Nimoy’s podium to correctly re-position his hand on his lower abdomen, where the vulcan heart is (properly) located.






“during a particularly intense confrontation between McCoy and Spock, DeForest Kelley leaned forward and kissed Leonard Nimoy on the nose.”

This is important.




i’m gonna illustrate that nose kiss and nobody is going to stop me



De Kelley… you are irreplaceable. I will always remember and love you…



Ohmygod now I know where all the bones with a turtle memes came from!



Hey, Kara!


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the ideal werewolf novel




just looked through about 700 werewolf books, good grief.

most seem to fall into two categories:

  • werewolf serial killer mysteries
  • domineering alpha romances

neither is really what I’m interested in.

here is what I’d want from the werewolf novel of my wildest dreams:

  • good relationships, especially friendships between packmates (lone wolves are boring)
  • werewolves who like being werewolves. (angsty wolves are boring)
  • the practical details of werewolfery: who’s got the bail money for animal control, whether anyone’s microchipped, what you pack in a bag for a night out werewolfing
  • the uses of werewolfery: hiring yourselves out as trackers or canine rescue, getting certified as service dogs, spending your free time at the library letting little kids read to a friendly doggie
  • female werewolves, and no weird gross hypermasculine alpha stuff going on in werewolf culture
  • queer werewolves, and no weird gross heteronormative ‘laws of nature’ stuff going on in werewolf culture
  • dog jokes.

The standard urban fantasy female protagonist dating a werewolf who is not an alpha. Bonus points for it being a cute beta werewolfess who thinks her girlfriend’s perpetual posturing as the ‘baddest bitch on the block’™ is the most adorable thing ever. Extra bonus points for fuzzy baby werewolves and adopted babies. (Because actual wolf packs? Exist to raise children. They’re family units, focused around rearing cubs.)

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okay this is one of the cutest reblogs I’ve gotten. 

imagine it

werewolves just going YES FAMILY GOOD and adopting everyone and making sure they get attention and food and understand that it’s fine to be who you are and that you’re not alone, you’re pack now

and the kids that can’t turn into wolves get to ride on the dogsleds to make sure they’re not left out during the full moon family bonding time (… you have to be an adult to pull a dogsled. mistakes have been made.)

werewolves on the PTA. werewolf den mothers. werewolf little league coaches. werewolves filling the bleachers and auditioriums and dance halls and galleries, cheering for their kids. werewolves helping kids with their homework, werewolves sewing costumes for the school play, werewolves showing kids how to change a tire

werewolves with battered kitchen tables with chewed legs. werewolves with huge family dinners. werewolves ferrying pies and casseroles and fresh baked bread back and forth between family members’ houses. werewolf extended families. massive werewolf packs that are technically only about 25% werewolf but still definitely packs

puppy teeth being left for the tooth fairy. fangs being left for the tooth fairy. cuttlebones being left for the tooth fairy. stolen teeth being left for the tooth fairy. werewolves with giant families full of kids with different needs and species.

werewolves adopting everyone. werewolves fostering everyone. werewolves who wind up with dozens of kids, all of whom are family and therefore pack.


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Have your “merchant race” mark nouns for how much they would value that noun on the market.

“My best friend(not for sale)’s house(300,000 credits) has great views(50,000 credits) of the ocean (1,000,000 credits), but I don’t like their neighbors(20 credits).



I bet this is how Ferengi works.






In Ferengi, (not for sale) is either wildly complimentary or unbelievably insulting. 



Wouldn’t insulting be attaching a negative value, as in “I would pay someone to get rid of this for me”, like you could say about garbage or water from flooding or something? (Wikipedia says those things are called “bads”.)



…the ocean only costs three times as much as somebody’s house?

Whom do you buy the ocean from? O_O


Well, if there’s an ocean on the moon you own

(For a moment I thought “wait, but there wouldn’t be any neighbours in that case”, but I suppose you could have neighbours through renting out bits of your moon to people.)


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