dnis are evitonmental storytelling because you can instantly imagine the incomprehensible hellscape someone is trapped in if they have a dni that’s like dni if you:

  • think irish people can’t be pan
  • are an apologist for season 2 scrunklepus or the knights of glop
  • hunt and kill people for sport
  • play frunko’s quest
  • think movies always have to be slimy
  • think it’s okay for welsh people to cosplay flugson
  • don’t tag bibbles or togs
  • think that dutch and samoan are the same nationality
  • use the z-slur
  • participated in the srebenica massacre
  • are mutuals with steve


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #the humour of my people #discourse cw? #racism cw? #murder cw?

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