my friend sent me this and im-


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #Doctor Who #covid19 #tag rambles #the future is another country: make sure to get your shots before you go #(and it has disturbed me for some time that no companion ever seems to consider this) #(the Red Panda Adventures went a little far the other direction but at least they *thought* about it) #((in RPA the Nazis invent time travel but can’t use it)) #((because anyone they send through promptly catches several extinct strains of disease at once and dies)) #illness tw #death mention #(((re: that post going around a while back about how fiction often gives the Nazis too much credit))) #(((and they were actually *much* less competent creators than–especially–occult!AUs tend to portray them as))) #(((I would like to be clear that at least two or three other entities in RPA invent time travel and *none* of them have this problem))) #(((only the Nazis have failed to build proper safeties into their time machine))) #P.P.S. can I just say that it’s *especially* disturbing that the companion who literally #goes to *an infectious-disease research facility from the year five billion* #and is *explicitly told that the struggle against disease is perpetual because viruses are constantly evolving* #*still* never expresses concern about her safety or cross-temporal transmission or *any* of that #like damn you were so close #and yet

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