@brin-bellway asked: What’s that unicorn(?) on the kitchen table?

It is an ELEPHANT! :D It’s a Better Homes and Gardens brand wax warmer I found at Walmart for $15. (There was going to be a $6 rebate but I forgot to include my receipt.) You put a lil cube of scented wax in the bottom tray, and then you switch it on, and a little 25watt lightbulb inside the porcelain body of the elephant melts the wax and makes your house smell good.

I’d been thinking about getting a wax warmer for a while, and then I picked up a bunch of Joann’s brand candles on uber-sale that don’t function terribly well as candles because the wicks burn down faster than the wax burns up, so I was looking at wax warmers and I found this one. I think it’s really cute, and also the porcelain and glaze look reminds me of the Red Rose Tea figurines we used to have when I was a kid. You can use a single cube of wax several times till all the smell is gone, so it might be more cost efficient than candles, also. It really depends how often I use one versus the other.


#love the decor fandom #huh #I did not know wax warmers were a thing #the more you know #(25 watts is a Lot for a lightbulb these days but I suppose you need the heat) #(and it’s still fairly small in the scheme of things)

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