The world’s most vaccinated German

Pfizers Georg is an outlier and should not have been counted

I think the problem here is precisely that he should have been counted


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would you like to see the best video on tiktok? i present… a fancy flock

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This kind of acausal compliment makes me want to share my Halloween costume from last year:



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Have you heard that Moderna is testing an even higher dose vaccine now? It’s meant to be the “Omicron version” of the vaccine. They just floored it more. That’s the kind of solution that I would propose. “Use a bigger fucking needle, with more of the good stuff in there.” You have to admire their style.

Folks over at Moderna won’t be happy until it takes you three days to recover from the jab and aerosolized COVID bursts into flames within a 30-meter radius. Just walk directly into the hospital and hear crackling and shrieking from the ECMO ward as the patients remove their masks too early and get a backdraft situation. Walk right up to God and give him back the corpse of his precious virus. Better luck with your next plague, asshole. We knew how to make a number bigger.

Guy stands behind you at the 7-11, gets a little bit too close, breathes on your neck and it just blows his throat open. Headless corpses littered all around the gas station. You’ll be shooting up with Scanners-style boosters between particularly risky visits to Home Depot. Trying to get your range to a full kilometre sitting on the vaccine amplifier. Fuckin’ Professor X, plugged into Moderna’s Cerebro, psychically throwing immunization at the developing world.

Your blood is just incredibly aggressive T-cells, they start disintegrating the sample needles when the WHO kicks down the door looking for the gigavaccine patient zero.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have let it out,” you say as your eyes roll back in your head. Now that it’s loose from the host, it detects traces of other coronaviruses on their feet and legs. Sees the little spikes. Goodbye.

Day Two of containment breach: 100.000000% vaccinated.

Day Three: the T-cells got bored, mutated, and decided to fuck up polio too because it “looks kinda similar.” Average human life expectancy is now 739 years. The earth’s surface is a never-ending roaring hellfire, a Gaian apocalypse. Someone coughs in the subway in Seoul and is immediately reduced to his constituent atoms, mere grist for the immune system.

Moderna stock price goes up nine basis points.


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arbitrarygreay asked: How did you select your mask model and filter number? And how did you decide to select the “medium” size mask?

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Model: It’s the one recommended by The Prepared [link].

(I’ve found The Prepared to be very helpful in general. I’m glad Scott Alexander offhandedly mentioned it in his first coronavirus link roundup.)


Filter number: I just grabbed compatible P100s that were in stock at the time. Getting nuisance-vapour filtration was an accident, but a happy one: I already associated level-of-reduction-in-sense-of-smell with level-of-protection-from-airborne-hazards from my pre-existing practice of wearing surgical masks to keep pollen out of my airways, and as such, respirator-specific anosmia is deeply reassuring to my subconscious.

(I even used it at home to keep me from gagging while I cleaned out rotten food [link], though the smell in question might well have also been blockable by a plain P100.)


Size: the Amazon Q&A said that most people are a medium (The Prepared also mentions most people being a medium, though in the context of full-face respirators), and I did not have a particular reason to think that I needed an unusually small or large size. The medium has worked out fine, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a small would also work for me.


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REMINDER: You need at least three different Covid vaccines in you if you want to reach the true ending and fight the Moon Presence.

actually some speedrunners have found you can reach it with just Moderna and Pfizer but you have to skip the Elon Musk fight. Basically if you force him into the corner and spam special attack you can actually clip through the wall and the game doesn’t know what the fuck to do so it just teleports you to the final room and assumes you still have the N95 mask.

This also means you skip the part where Bernie Sanders dies, which makes the Suez Canal level wayyyy easier but accidentally turns the ending cutscene hilarious because Cardi B’s clone talks about how she misses Bernie so much while he’s literally standing right next to her


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According to a rumor, you can reduce side effects from the Pfizer vaccine by taking zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D over the week leading up to it. (Supposedly this comes from the German government, but I haven’t seen a source.) It worked for me— second shot went easier than the first.

Obviously I’m not swearing by this, but all three of those are safe and most people are deficient in one of them anyway, so it’s not like there’s a downside.

A TON of people are deficient in vitamin D. Especially if you’re dark skinned, and especially if you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight (so not near the equator basically). and being indoors more than usual because of lockdowns probably doesn’t help. Magnesium IIRC helps with absorbing vitamind D, i don’t know if zinc is unrelated or not. And there’s been a bunch of stuff about low vitamin D making you react worse to getting covid and i guess from this also to just the covid vaccine?


#hmm #it’s hard to look into this because the keywords tend to just turn up a bunch of antivax conspiracists #but OP’s second paragraph seems pretty reasonable as long as you check for interactions and don’t take ridiculously high doses #I’m already taking 2000 IU/day of vitamin D and I think Mom has some magnesium pills she’d be willing to share #don’t know if there’s any zinc lying around the household #maybe I’ll eat more…what do I eat if tweaking my diet towards higher-zinc foods…cashews and amaranth #(maybe I should go look into those magnesium pills) #(if my waiting-list experience is anything like Mom’s‚ my vaccination may well turn out to be a week or less from now) #vaccines #medical cw #covid19