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#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #Doctor Who #covid19 #tag rambles #the future is another country: make sure to get your shots before you go #(and it has disturbed me for some time that no companion ever seems to consider this) #(the Red Panda Adventures went a little far the other direction but at least they *thought* about it) #((in RPA the Nazis invent time travel but can’t use it)) #((because anyone they send through promptly catches several extinct strains of disease at once and dies)) #illness tw #death mention #(((re: that post going around a while back about how fiction often gives the Nazis too much credit))) #(((and they were actually *much* less competent creators than–especially–occult!AUs tend to portray them as))) #(((I would like to be clear that at least two or three other entities in RPA invent time travel and *none* of them have this problem))) #(((only the Nazis have failed to build proper safeties into their time machine))) #P.P.S. can I just say that it’s *especially* disturbing that the companion who literally #goes to *an infectious-disease research facility from the year five billion* #and is *explicitly told that the struggle against disease is perpetual because viruses are constantly evolving* #*still* never expresses concern about her safety or cross-temporal transmission or *any* of that #like damn you were so close #and yet

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So for the past two years or so I’ve been slowly working my way through the Red Panda Adventures. Recently I reached episode 100. Towards the end, our heroes are surrounded by a group of hostile sapient zombies (long story). There are too many to take them all out in combat, so the Red Panda uses his mind-control powers to put them to sleep. This being a Christmas special, he begins this process by calming them through evoking the joy and contentment of Christmas.

“You idiot!” I yelled. “You’re begging for an abreaction!”

(I managed not to actually yell this out loud. I was out for a walk, as is my custom when listening to the Red Panda Adventures, and I didn’t want the neighbours to get weirded out.)

For those of you who don’t speak hypnosis jargon, basically an “abreaction” is when a hypnotised person responds to a suggestion in an unexpected manner, generally because they interpreted it in a way the hypnotist didn’t intend, or something about the phrasing reminded them of something and sent their mind off on a different track, stuff like that. It doesn’t necessarily go badly 100% of the time, but–like all forms of miscommunication–it’s usually best avoided when possible, and this one definitely would go badly if it happened.

The trouble is, not everyone associates Christmas with joy and contentment. All it takes is one bitter Jewish kid (*ahem*) or something, one person whose associations with Christmas are negative, and the thing’s going to blow up in his face.

Now, hypnosis as practised in the Red-Panda-verse is very different from the real thing, so in the abstract it’s not inherently a bad thing to have this in-universe expert hypnotist doing things that even I, a person with no training who simply travels in the right circles to overhear hypnotists talking shop with each other, recognise as mistakes. But in this case, the differences between our universe and his make this worse. In the real world, if your induction backfires because it turns out your subject hates Christmas, you just feel kind of awkward and embarrassed and have hopefully learned a valuable lesson about not assuming everyone likes Christmas. But because he’s weaponising his psychic powers, his suggestions have to work, first try, without a hitch, without discussing it with the subject in advance, or he might die. It is, literally, vitally important for him to keep his inductions as generic and universal as possible, and not pull risky, your-mileage-may-vary shit like the spirit of fucking Christmas.

(For the record, he got lucky and it didn’t backfire on anyone. Still a stupid risk.)

To be fair, it’s easier for me to spot this because, as a bitter Jewish kid myself, I didn’t have to put myself in anyone else’s place to see why this was risky. I can tell you right now, anyone tries an induction on me based on the feeling of Christmas (foreignness and resentment and the particular type of loneliness one feels when surrounded by a crowd of happy people whose joy one will never share*), it ain’t gonna go well.

*You know what, Christmas could actually make a decent metaphor for being undead, or vice versa.

amango-tea said: Christmas for me was anxiety attacks and spending extra time with my abusive father because he was off work and you’re SUPPOSED to spend time with your family. If someone tried that trick on me, I hope they would be willing to deal with me being triggered as fuck! :Db

(There was also another reply, but I posted it at the time [link].)


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@theshadiertwin asked:

Welcome to Decoder Ring Theatre fandom!  What episode are you on?

shortly followed by: Ah!  I see you caught up!  I’ll amend my question, then – what was one of your favourite episodes!

I try to only answer asks indirectly because of the first-degree ask bug, and normally that works fine. On the other hand, if I post the ask unanswered and then give my actual answer in a reblog, it won’t go in the public tag, and that doesn’t seem suitable for this. I’m compromising by putting ask and answer in a text-post OP.

To pick one…well, the one that comes to mind is “The Golden Idol”. I love when characters think through the implications of their superpowers. The Mad Monkey’s plan here is *magnificently* clever, creating an entire fake person out of glamours and memory implants.

I spent a few minutes of this one facepalming when it looked like he’d enthralled the Flying Squirrel, seeing as how the show had *just gotten done explaining* that you can use mind control to prevent people from getting mind-controlled by others, which means that–as someone with a mind-controlling partner whom she would trust with her very soul–Kit Baxter has possibly the best access to psychic shielding on the planet. Shouldn’t they have learned their lesson after Diablos?

And then it turns out that our heroes *totally thought of this*, and she’s actually been faking being under the Mad Monkey’s spell this whole time so that he would let his guard down. That was a beautiful moment.

I love clever plans, and I love when they’re defeated by out-clevering (both the bluffing and how the Red Panda figured out what was going on in the first place), and basically cleverness is my narrative weakness.

(When I skimmed through the episode again just now to see if I’d gotten it more or less right, I heard Kit mention Ajay Shah as a potential suspect, and I was like “Hey! I know who that is now! Neat!”. Once I’ve finished the rest of the pilots and tie-ins, I’m going to have to re-listen to the series at *least* once to hear how it sounds from the perspective of having the whole thing. I *know* I didn’t get as much out of the “The World Next Door” as I could have, for one.)

If out-clevering is your thing, I can see why RPA works well for you!  I do love those episodes, but a part of me always prefers when a villain (usually the Genie, tbh) tries to make some clever complicated plan specifically to counter the Boss, but overlooks Squirrel and her Flying Fists of Anti-Magic Justice.  It just makes my heart sing when she makes the henchmen cry.

Re: Earth-2/Sillyverse/The Originals, don’t go in expecting what we got from the main storyline.  Not only was there not enough time to fill out the plot, there’s a lot of other rough edges as well.  Some fans can’t get past that, and I understand that.  As for myself, I love the Sillyverse – there are some Canadian History in-jokes that the more serious tone of the main plot just can’t work in, and for all that Dr. Anna is less active in the plot than Kit, she’s still a woman who can stand on her own two feet – both in the lab and in the field.  Besides which, there’s no episode in all of the DRT catalogue that hits all my hurt/comfort buttons quite like the Sillyverse episode “The Judas Boats”.  I keep meaning to write a Red/Baboon/Anna fic based on a certain incident in that episode, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  Even if it’s not the kind of thing that really grabs you, I do suggest giving it a listen – there are occasional references in the main story, especially in the WWII episodes, that will make you grin a bit on a re-listen!

(also, hope you don’t mind, but I’ve mentally pegged you as Harry Kelley in our little tumblr network of agents!)

>>don’t go in expecting what we got from the main storyline.<<

*nod* I know. I heard them saying how different it was in the Season One Spectacular (which I did listen to, but several seasons late because I didn’t notice it existed at first).

>>there are some Canadian History in-jokes<<

My grasp of history is often a bit shaky in general, plus as a first-generation immigrant* I’m missing a lot of the cultural osmosis one might get from growing up in Canada. (I only just found out a week or two ago what the Red Ensign was named after.)

>>(also, hope you don’t mind, but I’ve mentally pegged you as Harry Kelley in our little tumblr network of agents!)<<

Why’s that, if you can put it into words?

(Big shoes to fill, but at least I’ve got a while to do it in.)

*I moved to Canada when I was 13. The 10th anniversary will be this fall**!

**I don’t think we’ve made any plans yet, but my family should do something extra-special this July to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation and our 10th Canada Day. (Whatever we end up doing, I intend to wear my citizenship pin while I do it.)

Hey, happy 10 years here in Canada!

On the surface, you’re the newest one, I guess. The rest of us in the DRT tumblr circle have been trading posts around for a few years on and off – I think the oldest post was about four years ago? And as for myself, I was active on the AudioDramaTalk board about nine or ten years ago, back when Gregg Taylor (and Scott Moyle) were directly interacting with fans on a regular basis.  I’m not much older than you, but I’ve been an agent for a long, long time.  But like Harry, especially young Harry, you’ve got an enthusiasm for the show that’s exciting to see, and reminds me of why I love it!


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a necromancer is just a really late healer

“you’re too late, doc, he’s…he’s already dead…”

*cracks knuckles* i didnt get my medical license revoked for nothing


#as I have a bit of a special interest in the Red Panda Adventures #that is what this post inspires me to grumble about #for a guy who takes having access to a (limited form of) ego bridge *really* well #he sure does go all death-is-what-makes-life-worth-living when it comes to zombies #like dude think about it #yes being a zombie kind of sucks *right now* #but in a single decade the state of Necronium research went from #”mindless meat-puppets” to ”a bit brainwashed and *somewhat* emotionally dulled but recognisably their former selves” #imagine what Necronium could do in *another* decade #tbh the only thing really wrong with Professor Zombie’s vision of the future is that it has her as unquestioned dictator #please do not throw the baby out with the bathwater #tag rambles #Red Panda Adventures #rants #death tw #transhumanism #(I *do* appreciate how well they handled the ego bridge though) #(you almost never see characters go) #(”while (since souls exist) it is a matter of objective fact that copies of you aren’t really you”) #(”dying and being survived by a copy of yourself sure beats dying and *not* being survived by a copy of yourself”) #(”so let’s do it”)

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Also listened to “The Sweet Tooth”, which reminds me very much of reading “The Glad Hosts”.

They both feel strongly like somebody took a cliche, paint-by-numbers erotic-horror story, stripped out the conventionally-sexual content*, and gave it to a vanilla audience who wouldn’t recognise its pattern.

And so you’re like “…do they know? Is that what they did, or did they independently reinvent this standard plot?”

(IIRC, there’s an RPA behind-the-scenes bit that suggests they didn’t know, and that they did independently reinvent this plot. Which is interesting, in a convergent-evolution kind of way. “The lure is a chocolate shop, and women liking chocolate is for whatever reason more of a Thing than it is for men” and “this story is porn aimed at gynephiles” both lead to the same result of all-female targets.)

*But didn’t do a complete job of it: you can still see traces. Mai’s “love erotic”; the way the shop preys exclusively on women.


#I mean yeah the villain loses in this one #but that *would* be a side effect of translating the plot from a genre where the villain usually wins to a genre where they never do #Red Panda Adventures #sexuality and lack thereof #nsfw text? #reactionblogging #tmi? #for some reason it took me longer to notice with Glad Hosts than with Sweet Tooth #Sweet Tooth I remember thinking a few minutes into my first listen ”I swear I’ve read porn with this premise” #Glad Hosts felt *vaguely* familiar and it wasn’t until afterward that I realised #”oh this is basically just cliche dime-a-dozen mind-altering-parasite porn but with the conventional sexuality removed” #”I didn’t like this plot the *first* six times I read it” #(Sweet Tooth was much less horror-y so I liked it a lot better) #(have I mentioned lately I hate horror?) #oh look an original post

Reached “When Darkness Falls” in my Red Panda Adventures re-listen.

*gently lowers head onto table*

oh god

he’s so tiny

and he has no idea

(and that police officer that blows him off

was that

the same police officer who talks approvingly to the Black Eagle near the end)


#Red Panda Adventures #reactionblogging #oh look an original post #you know #in terms of the number and magnitude of positive consequences #sparing Harry Kelly’s memory was probably the *single best move* the Red Panda ever made

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Once Upon a Time (cont.)…


… in the interests of not making the monster post of monsters, I’m going to limit the reblogging of these to however many times it takes to cover 100 tumblrs. CLICK HERE if you are, for some reason, interested in seeing #s 1 through 110.

111 – 120

@blnkstr – reblogs of hypno stuff

@topfonts – I have a confession to make. I have a small font obsession. (I once crashed the hard drive of my super cool windows 95 Gateway pc with 25 entire GBs of memory because I had too many fonts. Ah, the good old days…)

@spiralturquoise – Another hypno person who I am now privileged to have met in Real Life. They write most excellent smut, which you can find at!

@buzzfeed – Because funny.

@buzzfeedbooks – Because books.

@buzzfeedau – Because fandom.

@scifiscribbler – Here is a person from Hypbook, who I think many people follow for the image captions. I personally don’t really care for those, I followed him for commentary and reblogs of issues that matter to me. But if you like snippets of mind control stories attached to pics of mostly naked, big-busted women, you may like this tumblr.

@wildnutmeg – Another hypno person, and a friend of a friend of mine, who swears that we would get along like gangbusters, but somehow we never seem to have the time at events that we have in common to get to know each other. Someday…

@zanythoughts – I want to say something short but I can’t. I followed this tumblr because I made friends with its owner at MEEHU 2, and I heartily approve of everything it posts. BUT I could hate everything that got posted here and I’d still follow it, because it’s Zany. Because you understand where my head and heart are at most of the time, and we can talk about serious shit without it feeling like a terrible chore or battle. Because choking. Because bloody beautiful art. Because slapping. Because…

@hypnowish – Followed because I liked the idea implicit in the name. Sadly inactive now, and never really lived up to its potential when it was active.

121 – 132

@girl-intraining – Beautiful writing that explores BDSM in ways that are easily accessible to people with little or no experience. READ THIS POST to see what I mean.

@brin-bellway – Rebogs some gloriously beautiful imagery, also has really good taste in comic books.

@justfairythings – was inactive for quite some time, but recently has posted again.  Like most of the tumblrs I follow, really properly funny. (An example:  “Q – Loving your blog, especially the unicorns. Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? A – I am afraid of Scotland.”)

@nerdistindustries –  Because they speak my language.

@hypnosubdude – Someone I know in real life, who is awesome in a lot of ways, but for me none moreso than his incredible enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is always delightful for me to watch.

@shaman58 – A fellow writer of hypno-smut! Opinionated and creative and just plain interesting to follow.

@calamitybrain – POSSIBLY the name I wish I’d come up with first the most of all the possible names. Makes an AWESOME art project, for some definitions of art project. Another hypno person that I’ve gotten to meet and befriend in Real Life.

@nicolettecuddleston – fictional bimbo blog that I followed primarily because I liked the name. Inactive.

@ladyskyla-dreams – Someone from Hypbook that I have known in Real Life. Once upon a time we carpooled together to WEEHU 1 and she convinced me that the me in the rearview mirror was from an alternate dimension, and how could I be sure that the me I was seeing was ever actually me…

@taylorswift – my most problematic problematic fave. Not the world’s best anything, but I like her anyway.

@alternative-pinup – Very active tumblr that posts beauty that falls outside the glossy unreality promoted by fashion magazines and mass media. Lots of tattoos and retro looks.

@dancercoder – Look! Another adorable hypno person whom I know in Real Life! <waves enthusiastically> Someday a class I am teaching WON’T be scheduled against one of your dance classes. SOMEDAY.

gloriously beautiful imagery, also has really good taste in comic books.

This description of my blog feels very weird from the inside, but that just makes it more interesting to know what you think of when thinking of me.

(My ability to enjoy beautiful imagery is relatively limited, and I have possibly never read a comic book in my life. Comic cultural-osmosis stuff can be fun, though, and I have been known to watch video adaptations of Marvel stuff and of Red Panda Adventures comics.)

(in related news, you guys should totally listen to the Red Panda Adventures radioplays, they’re clever and funny and well-plotted and the protagonist is occasionally uncomfortably attractive*)

*The Youtube mirror only goes up to season 4, so I couldn’t link straight to the 21:05 timestamp.


#although if my tastes weren’t so narrow these days he’d be uncomfortably attractive more than occasionally #(I’m old enough and the show new enough that it would take some serious fucking with the timeline) #(you can’t just arrange for me to stumble across the right website at the right time) #((and of course in any case I wouldn’t want to destroy my own timeline in the bargain)) #(but I really wonder what (perpetually porn-starved) ten-year-old me would have thought of the Red Panda) #(I can partially extrapolate given what she thought of A Wrinkle in Time but that’s different) #(notably the sequels to A Wrinkle in Time are pretty much not kinky at all) #((which was very disappointing)) #(whereas RPA just. keeps. being like this) #((like not all the time but a lot of the time)) #reply via reblog #comic #Red Panda Adventures #tag rambles #(a tag ramble that has been percolating in my head for some time) #sexuality and lack thereof #nsfw?

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so has anybody got podcast recs? i’m up to date on kuec (twice), x-plain the x-men is on a three month hiatus, hidden almanac is… short. ^_^

the problem is, of course, i get hypersensitive about any little hint of -ism or – really anything at all upsetting, in my podcasts? cos i don’t have auditory filtering, so it’s like… the point of podcasts for me is to feel like i’m chilling with friends and listening to them chatter while i do whatever i’m doing.

so frex – podcasts i’ve tried that haven’t worked for me. “the thrilling adventure hour”, i think i mentioned that i just didn’t really click with the particular form of humor, but also i think scripted podcasts just don’t work as well for me as ones where it’s friends kidding around with the potential to go totally off the rails.

“journey into misery”, a dude explaining comics continuity to his girlfriend, WAY less mansplainy than that sounds – the podcast was her idea. loved it except that lbr comics are ALL FUCKSHITE and i can’t handle sentences like “they gang-raped plastic man’s wife and she died” no matter how much the podcasters agree that it was fuckery.

(note for some other post: despite never having been sexually assaulted, i get full-on triggered by sexual assault stuff? idek why)

“into it”, elle collins. a trans lady (i think? not 100% sure if binary or nonbinary) interviews people about various shit they’re interested in. excellent show, just a tiny bit too structured for me.

“the film reroll”, movies played as rpgs. mostly enjoyable, but in 12 episodes there’s been like… three really awkward jokes that weren’t called out? one super transphobic throwaway line – not even a line, a *phrase* – near the beginning of their epic wizard of oz four-parter, two ableist aspie/autism jokes. so i’m like “ehhhhh”, not quiiiite as comfortable as i like to be with my podcasts? :S also there’s only like 24 episodes so i’m already a good halfway through that one

“comicsverse”, too structured AND way too many people. i do best with two-person podcasts where the voices are pitched well apart, due to my auditory processing troubles. i can handle up to about four people if i don’t actually need to tell any of them apart. ;-)


so. anyway. if you’ve recced me something and it’s not listed here i probably forgot to check it out. y’all know a bunch of my many and varied interests; i’d especially enjoy rpg-type podcasts, the summer specials on x-plain the x-men are some of my favorite comfort relistens, but you understand why i’m hesitant to just go guddling around in gamer nerd territory. ;P

Podcasts I listen to:

The Red Panda Adventures: I want you to like this one, because I love it and I would love to geek out with you about it, but I’m not sure you would like it. It’s scripted and has a largish cast*, so there’s those issues. (AFAIK, there are no public transcripts for you to check if you heard something right**.) It is reassuringly liberal, toning down 1930′s-era bigotry about as much as it can get away with, but “as much as it can get away with” isn’t “everything”. And one of the conventions of the particular superhero sub-genre they’re working in (which they explicitly embrace) is that the heroes never dwell on their own moral ambiguity. I mean, it’s good that they’re avoiding gritty grimdark stuff, but that does mean the occasional moment of being horrified by what the protagonists are doing while knowing it will never come back to bite them.

Talk the Talk: Linguistics podcast out of Australia. I’m still way back in the archives on this one. I think it’s only partially scripted: it definitely doesn’t feel all that scripted. Two hosts, plus sometimes a guest. They occasionally get a bit Discourse-y for my liking, but I think they’ve always been on the liberal side of the argument.

99% Invisible: About infrastructure and suchlike. I’m even further back in the archives on this one, only a couple dozen episodes or so in. One host, with one or two guests. Feels somewhat more scripted.

Science for the People (formerly Skeptically Speaking, but they changed it after realising their podcast hadn’t really been about skepticism for a while): Interviews on neat science things. Audio isn’t really a good format for me for this subject (I prefer to get my neat science things through text, and sometimes video), so eventually I got bored and stopped listening. (The number of trying-to-be-inclusive-and-failing episodes about sexuality was also a factor. I know my standards are too high, but it still bothers me.)

Speaking of, I also dabble in a few kink podcasts. TBH, though, I’m never even sure whether *I* like any of them, let alone whether they’re worth reccing to anyone else.

*Although, because each side actor plays several side characters, between episodes you are generally not expected to know who a side character is without context. (Within an episode you’re supposed to keep up, though.)

**Brain: “Yet!”

Me: “We have more than enough other things to do and are not taking on ~60 hours of volunteer transcription.”


#I stopped listening to Welcome to Night Vale because I got tired of the horror elements #reply via reblog #recs

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Well, I suppose that makes sense, really. Half a normal episode length; half a brilliant plan.

(Namely, the first half of a brilliant plan, followed by the second half of a completely-off-the-rails plan. Poor thing.)

(Also, the Red Panda can loom remarkably well from inside a pneumatic tube.)


#all in all a very fun episode #despite the very Wrong-feeling appearance #Red Panda Adventures #reactionblogging #oh look an original post

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This is weirding me out even more than I expected.

(oh god he’s blond too


(And yet Steven Burley isn’t blond. Truly, there is no justice.)


#and he’s dressed like a fucking clown #although to be fair blue mandrill-style face paint *is* a neat idea #and I could definitely see integrating that into my headcanon #Red Panda Adventures #reactionblogging #oh look an original post #(look I don’t know why Steven Burley sounds blond he just does) #(maybe it’s the announcer peppiness?) #((okay let’s go find out how much brilliant plan the Mad Monkey has managed to stuff into 15 minutes))

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