there are like, 12 british actors. and every show has to share. its torturous

this is why they had to get jodie whittaker to play the 13th doctor. all the male actors had been the doctor already

looking through old posts and hey i accidentally predicted the fourteenth doctor


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The strangest dream that I ever had was where I was talking to Strax the Sontaran from Doctor Who and he claimed that he had gotten into Christianity in a big way because he thought that it was “admirably cunning of humanity to lure their God down to Earth in a mortal body so that they could DESTROY HIM!”


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my friend sent me this and im-


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the internet is so cursed, when people look back on the history of covid-19 it’s going to look so different from the history of the plague because we will have left a trace of quarantine playlists all featuring toxic by brittany spears



That is why Toxic becomes an ancient earth ballad.



I can’t believe Doctor Who predicted this in 2005.


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Me, even though Donna’s ending was over a decade ago: Here’s how Donna can still win


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Anonymous asked: i remember seeing this video of this girl blasting her bf with toilet paper (by using a blowdryer) and stealing the controller that her bf was just using and donna would def do that to the doctor (and mayhe hijack the tardis) , especially even when he goes all ‘i am god’. hsuznsixke what other extremely dumb but extremely fun pranks/shit would they do to each other??


oh god this ask is from forever ago but YEAH she would. I’m the worst at coming up with pranks but here’s a select few that I think Donna would do to Ten:

– replace his shampoo with dye depositing shampoo and it just. Doesn’t do anything. Maybe he didn’t use it? But he does. Repeatly. Ni change. After like a week of this she tries to lean casually on a wall and  says, “so, uhh, doctor? Ever consider dyeing your hair?” and he’s like “oh i WISH i would love to but my hair doesn’t dye.” and she’s like..”Oh?” and he’s like “yeah well technically it isn’t hair it’s a bunch of very small antennae” and she genuinely does not know if he’s fucking with her until the metacrisis happens

-did that thing where you swap out the creme in oreos with toothpaste and served them to him and he made absolutely no indication of noticing. he ate all of them. what is wrong with him.

-Ten DEFINITELY walked in to Donna having converted the entire console room into a ball pit. It hardly counts as a prank though because this is the best day of his goddamn life. He does not know where the plastic balls came from but he’s having a blast

-Ten doesn’t really pull pranks as much as he just. Completely fuckin bullshits time lord culture half the time. Sometimes he’s honest and sometimes he’s just like “ i still miss the red skies reflecting off of the most beautiful place, Weed City”

-”did you know the most sacred number in all of time lord history is four thousand, two hundred and six point nine?” “No it fucking isn’t” *admonishingly* “Donna” “ Your sacred number is not fuckin 42069″

-One time Ten is like “smack cam!” and she gets Ready to throw down but he just kisses her on the forehead and is like “haha punk’d!”

– Conversely Donna learns about the chameleon arch and is like “oh i can mine this “fucking with the doctor” potential for MONTHS” she goes all out. She learns at least a little bit of circulean gallifreyian so she can comment on it. she picks up an old fobwatch and will fiddle with it in front of him without ever opening or commenting on it. She gets real vague about her childhood. It’s hilarious. 


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New proposal for a doctor who spin off show: Donna is now immortal and has her memories because uhh I said so. Jack runs into her. Niether of them have a way to contact the doctor, both of them have a knack for hijinks, the show is just the two of them fuckin around and having adventures. Send post.

While you could just leave it unstated why Donna is immortal and intact, may I present to you all a canon-compliant excuse:

You know how Dalek Caan referred to what happened to Donna as “dying”? You know how the Doctor told her family that “that version of Donna is dead”?

You know who *else* considered it a death?

That’s right, the Testimony Foundation.

After that, well, timeship + hijinks…


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