The Scottish Play, but it’s set in a fast food restaurant and everyone’s killing each other over who gets to be the manager and its played completely straight






so i just learned that this is already a thing that exists and christopher walken plays macduff, and i desperately need to watch this movie



Holy shit. I remember that one. The witches are portrayed by 3 garbagemen and instead of saying “when Birnham Wood to Dunsinane comes”, they say he’ll be defeated “when pigs fly”. This is fulfilled when a police helicopter lands on the roof.



H O L Y    S H I T



My favourite thing about this post is folks in the notes going “no, that’s wrong, it was Richard Armitage as Macduff, not Christopher Walken”, then slowly coming to the horrified realisation that there’s actually more than one early 2000s Shakespeare adaptation with this basic premise.

(The one with Walken is 2001′s Scotland, PA, while the one with Armitage is episode two of 2005′s ShakespeaRe-Told, for the curious.)



Y’all have unlocked something in my brain because I completely forgot I watched Scotland, PA in high school


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #Shakespeare #death mention #murder cw? #amnesia cw?

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