I do wish there were more major video games that embedded original art that was worthwhile in its own right within the game.

Everyone knows that GTA V has TV shows in it but they’re not really interesting on their own, they’re like a less inventive version of South Park that lacks much artistic value because they’re not really meant to be consumed that way, they’re just more set dressing to the video game intended to convey how WaCkY aNd OvEr ThE ToP the whole world of san whatever is I forgot the name already.

I have occasionally thought about what it would be like if GTA V had, playing every in-game friday from 1800 or whatever, an episode of a short original TV show. Commission a proper movie from some art students, compress it down to 720p and stuff it in there, no one will notice the extra gigabyte. Write a couple dozen early-99pi style 10 minute radio shows and have them play sometimes. Just something fully original and largely unrelated to the world. You can have it set within the world, but make it interesting art in its own right.

This is of course a pretty big ask, to put in a thing that can be totally ignored and which perhaps is best ignored, but still, they put that much effort into the utterly inane cartoons that show on GTAV’s TV channels already. There’s a tennis minigame in that thing which I have never actually tried.

I also think it would be funny if like, as you walk around Horizon Zero Dawn, you could collect a complete music review podcast from the year 2047. It already has audio logs. Let Aloy hear about 250 Gecs.


#games #story ideas I will never write #(…I have been extremely slowly making my way through 99pi in chronological order) #(I wonder what the implicit contrast is here between the 99pi I’m familiar with and late-99pi)

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