How you expect the “no weapon forged by mortal hands shall slay me” loophole to go down: playing with the definitions of “weapon”, “forged”, or possibly “mortal”.

How it actually goes down: the blacksmith who forged the sword is a giant spider – strictly speaking all of their limbs are feet.


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REMINDER: You need at least three different Covid vaccines in you if you want to reach the true ending and fight the Moon Presence.

actually some speedrunners have found you can reach it with just Moderna and Pfizer but you have to skip the Elon Musk fight. Basically if you force him into the corner and spam special attack you can actually clip through the wall and the game doesn’t know what the fuck to do so it just teleports you to the final room and assumes you still have the N95 mask.

This also means you skip the part where Bernie Sanders dies, which makes the Suez Canal level wayyyy easier but accidentally turns the ending cutscene hilarious because Cardi B’s clone talks about how she misses Bernie so much while he’s literally standing right next to her


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The Scottish Play, but it’s set in a fast food restaurant and everyone’s killing each other over who gets to be the manager and its played completely straight






so i just learned that this is already a thing that exists and christopher walken plays macduff, and i desperately need to watch this movie



Holy shit. I remember that one. The witches are portrayed by 3 garbagemen and instead of saying “when Birnham Wood to Dunsinane comes”, they say he’ll be defeated “when pigs fly”. This is fulfilled when a police helicopter lands on the roof.



H O L Y    S H I T



My favourite thing about this post is folks in the notes going “no, that’s wrong, it was Richard Armitage as Macduff, not Christopher Walken”, then slowly coming to the horrified realisation that there’s actually more than one early 2000s Shakespeare adaptation with this basic premise.

(The one with Walken is 2001′s Scotland, PA, while the one with Armitage is episode two of 2005′s ShakespeaRe-Told, for the curious.)



Y’all have unlocked something in my brain because I completely forgot I watched Scotland, PA in high school


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#oh god spike and giles in the same space there is nothing i love more  #every time they both say something english they feel community in amongst all these americans  #which they both instantly hate  (via ceceliatallis​)

#i love that little exchange  #a tiny reminder of the weird parallels between those two  #giles is what spike used to be and spike is what giles used to be  (via the-elusive-ollie​)



“Giles is what Spike used to be and Spike is what Giles used to be.” God, I knew, but never put it together. Brain hurts now.



i like how it’s true even tho spike is 200 years old and very dead



Yes. And they share more than Englishness here. A specific type of educated English background (probably literary, rather than theatrical) that was probably old-fashioned when Spike was still alive.


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Concept: dungeon filled with deadly traps and terrible curses, except the dungeon is so old that the creatures that built and inhabited it didn’t even slightly resemble humans, so all of the traps are based on incorrect assumptions about the scale and gross anatomy of hypothetical invaders, and all of the curses have very strange ideas concerning what ought to be harmful – and, in some cases, even what constitutes harm – for their victims.

It would be really, really great to watch a party try and piece together information about the ancient builders from their traps. It would be, perhaps, even better to include a puzzle that required some degree of anatomical deduction to solve.

“This piece is moving. It must be some kind of floorplate. Hey, someone stand over here.”
“Didn’t we agree these things floated? Why would they have floorplates?”
“No, that was before we figured out they had some kind of oobleck sac for their organs.”
“Well either way, they can’t have weighed more than 25 pounds, so if you keep stepping on that you’re going to break it.”

Ohhh, I read this very wrong initially, and thought it was creatures who had never seen humans trying to build a dungeon to stop humans/humanoids from entering. So all the traps are super weird based on the varying opinions of the builders. Like, one trap would be too high, or another would drop this gross slime that they thought would be acidic but is really only stinky and hard to move in. 😅

Both are excellent approaches, for completely different reasons.

Magic trap that lifts you up in the air, tumbles you upside down a few times, then sets you gently on the floor. The dungeon builders’ anatomy was such that they would be seriously damaged if their entire body was inverted, so the idea was that it would kill or incapacitate any intruder without making a big mess or rendering them hard to identify.

The PCs are severely delayed while those members of the party that like fun compete to have another go on the trap, which is about on par with a roller coaster ride.


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Big News!


New year, new website!

Hey everyone! Read Only Mind (ROM) is an inclusive archive for mind control and hypnosis erotica made by a small team that wanted to add features for writers and readers alike, and to help foster a community of content creators. You can find us at our website here!


I am super excited to share this with y’all as we’ve been working on it for a while. Examples of our features include account creation to post and upload your stories at any time, a tagging system (!!), comments, following stories for that anticipated next chapter, statistics for authors to see how readers engage with their content, an advanced search bar, and more.

This is a resource made by and for community, and we hope to grow with everyone’s help and support. Go ahead and check our About section for Rules and our FAQ, and please check it out and discover the stories and features, bookmark it for future content, and write your own stories if you’d like!

Since this is Tumblr and I don’t have CHARACTER limits, I can talk about how I’m excited for this! The other admin and I wanted a website that could offer more than what we were used to, while not having to see racist stories scroll by. This website is the result of that! We have story likes (called ‘snaps’), comments and suggestions (that you have the option to turn off as the author!), you’ll get to see how many people view your story and the number of snaps you’ve received, and a bunch of other stuff! You’re free to post onto ROM and other places at the same time since exclusivity isn’t a requirement, but we have a few authors who’ve already uploaded stories and are making the move over.

Spread the word for this if you can! You can find our official Twitter account here where we’ll post updates, and our current discord link is HERE where you can join us and talk with some other content creators! It’s a first public push and we’re still taking bug reports should we run into any issues.

Thanks so much for reading!


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mirthur asked: Surely a tax evasion game would just be “filing taxes but lying, the game” considering the list of things you’ve already disqualified from being direct tax evasion

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(With reference to this post here.)

Nah, there are plenty of things you can do gamewise that constitute direct tax evasion (i.e., as opposed to shenanigans that are merely tax evasion adjacent).

For example, suppose that the player characters are inhabitants of a medieval village whose yearly tax assessment has come due, and the royal tax assessor is touring the village in order to estimate its total wealth and thereby calculate how much is owed in tax.

The player characters’ mission is basically to run around behind the tax assessor’s back playing reverse Weekend at Bernie’s and ensure that the village appears to be much less prosperous than it really is. Keep those cattle out of sight (easier said than done), disguise that lavishly appointed tavern as a church (churches are tax exempt!), maybe cover up any discrepancy between the village’s actual and reported population by faking a plague or two (where are they going to get that many skulls on short notice?), and so forth.

Basically, the easiest way to make tax evasion gameable is by contriving a scenario where taxable assets are assessed rather than reported, then identifying entertaining ways for the player characters to fuck around with the assessment process.


#some of the context #story ideas I will never write #games #(although it seems worth noting that I *did* once see a game that was ”filing your taxes but you’re a dragon”) #(maybe you can have the dragon do some tax evasion?) #death mention #illness mention


i got a gig, telling stories to a gang of witches
they sit semicircle round me, cross legged and i tell them
every mundane detail of my day, draw out my fears
and shakes and angers and small, desolate disappointments
like strings of sugared candy. recount momentary crushes
on strangers in alleyways, on buses, in half-open coats
they’re all like—500 years old, give or take a decade
they don’t get these things anymore. some part of you dries up
so they just listen, and then they take me to the door and they put
eighty dollars in my hand, from a chest in the corner
piled high with cash, in layers of color, some older, some foreign
and i think about breaking in. but they could kill me
so easily, and they pay me over minimum wage, so i just smile
and cry on the bus, and feel odd thinking about telling them
next week, about crying on the bus.

i’ve got this girl, a couple weeks now, and i didn’t even mean to
swore i wouldn’t date when i got into this part of town
it’s like being a chip in a hurricane, marveling at the massive
unable to get your feet on the ground. but i got this girl
she’s got teeth made to pierce the important veins, but she swears
she’s seven years dry and she has bags of red stuff in her fridge
so I believe her. but, you know, they say vampires can do that
put thoughts in your head, so maybe i don’t believe her.

i think a lot about love
how it gets in your veins, parasitic
how it fucks up your brain
i think a lot about how it comes on you
about how it pulls the rug out
how it blows foundations open for the marrow
i think a lot about how i don’t want it
i think about that while she puts me on the floor and
puts her mouth on my neck, but doesn’t bite

love’s always coming for you. it’s an invisible force
sure and utter as the divine right of kings
as the bus charging fifty cents more every year

against my will, i am sent to bring you to dinner
against my will, i am in love with you
against my will, i am opening, i am opening
against my will i am opening the door

– urban fantasy; r.m.s


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People say that you should really do something out of your comfort zone. Why? I worked very hard to find my comfort zone. It was really rough and I can’t even get there that often. Takes all day and I gotta get off to a good start and do all the right things and avoid the right people and find all the right people and do all of these things to find my comfort zone. And then I’m supposed to do something outside of my – Fuck you! You do something outside your comfort zone. My comfort zone is hard-won….

But then, that’s where popular culture and pop psych comes in and wants – and the shtick I was looking at last night was that like, so, if it’s ‘afraid’, then, ‘You should do the things you’re afraid of’. Why? Why? I have felt quite enough fear. I don’t think I will benefit from more fear. I don’t think it’s the missing element in my life. I don’t think that’s the thing I need to be seeking out. ‘Go to the places that scare you.’ No! I have carved out an awesome space in which I don’t have to visit the places that scare me. I don’t like them there. I’ve been there. I know more about them than you, person telling me to go to the places that scare me.

John Darnielle, 2014-04-19 and 2014-04-20 at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago ( track 18 in and track 21 in


#I read a thing recently about a free-solo climber #and when they asked why he did it he was like #”I don’t want to just be happy and cozy‚ anyone can be happy and cozy‚ I want more than that” #and I was like what the fuck are you talking about #happy-and-cozy is one of the hardest things there is #you can spend a lifetime striving for it and catch only fleeting glimpses #I don’t understand skydivers and bungee-jumpers and all of that shit #they’re like ”it makes me feel alive” and I’m like ”…no‚ not alive‚ the *other* thing” #how can you be *happy* if you don’t even feel *safe*? #tag rambles #anxiety #death mention #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #and I’ll also add: #people who can distinguish between their drive for sleep and drive for sex fascinate me #my mind is complicated but is also *coherent* #everything feeds into everything else and I can see how these aspects feed into each other #(and indeed I once wrote a to-hell-with-leaving-my-comfort-zone post that was *specifically* in a sexual context)


Star Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff, my game about solving wizard murder, is out now! Thanks to Justin McElroy for voicing the trailer!

Good news: magic is real! Bad news: magic is highly illegal. Star Seeker is a wizard and you must solve a wizard crime or else get thrown in wizard jail by wizard– I mean, just regular police.

In this short one-room mystery adventure, collect evidence and use it to clear up the useless detective’s many confusions- and don’t worry about getting it wrong. Every hare-brained idea you can possibly pitch to the detective prompts unique dialogue!


Twitter / Discord / Steam / / Bandcamp


#oooooh #I haven’t had a chance to play the main game yet but the demo is great and Benedict does great stuff in general #Star Seeker #games #signal boost #death mention #(disclosure: I helped add Linux support to this game) #((like it wasn’t a paid position or anything‚ I just gave him a few tips from a long-time Linux user‚ but nor am I entirely arm’s-length))