Banana Ripeness Tiers


How do y’all eat your bananas?
1-5 anything else is gonna be baked or ice cream or smoothiefied



1-6. 7 or 8 maybe if I had a strong craving. Anything past that is inedible unless mashed and used as an ingredient in something



Noah fence but 1-5 is unripe you ignorant fucks



4-7, 8 is pressing it.



White culture is eating unripe bananas.



1-5?! i don’t go anywhere near under 8 unless it’s my only choice. ideal is 9-12



“8 is pressing it” i am… disgusted.gif



i exclusively eat unripened bananas, on pizza



8,9,19. You all are weak.



5 to 10 is my ideal.



8-11. They’re only good when they start getting little brown spots.



6-11. 9 is ideal.

Supposedly I had a great-grandfather who ate one entirely black banana every day, and who lived into his nineties, so I don’t think the overripe ones will hurt me, but after a certain point they taste weird. So once you get to 12, you have to make banana bread.



6 is the perfect sweet spot where it’s a nice vibrant yellow and perfectly ripe and doesn’t have any brown yet. So, that if I can, otherwise as close to it as possible.



3-7, unripe bananas for the win. Also as per upthread I would be fascinated to find out if this is correlated with a) race or b) national origin. I mean, enjoyment of capsaicin and enjoyment of lots and lots of sugar are both correlated with national origin IIRC, so maybe banana preference is too.

Ideal banana: 11

Good banana: 10, 12, 13

Tolerable-but-I’d-rather-not banana: 9, 14, 15

Inedible banana: 8 and below

If it still has even the faintest trace of green, it’s not ripe enough.

Race: White*

National origin: United States (northeast)

Enjoyment of capsaicin: no

Enjoyment of lots and lots of sugar: not nearly as much as I used to, maybe just one “lot”

*Your mileage may vary. Some terms and conditions may apply. Your whiteness may be revoked at any time without notice.


#food #survey #reply via reblog #(tbh ”is Brin white” has much the same answer as ”is Brin queer”) #(nobody can agree on the object-level answer but everyone agrees that I’m low-status) #our roads may be golden or broken or lost #(tangentially) #racism cw? #home of the brave

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