You know, I think one of the most sheltered things about being blue is how we are not taught to openly appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Often It’s all about posturing and about how *this* expensive place is the *best* and how much money you can spend to splurge on a dessert made by tired kitchen workers that ultimately are just good at making things look fancier instead of tastier and then charge ten times the price. (Not, to say there aren’t very talented cooks out there.)

Anyway, I’m enjoying an egg-salad sandwich that is really good. How about you guys?

The presentation/tastiness tradeoff is a bigger deal than I think a lot of restaurant-goers realize. Especially when you wind up with food that looks nigh architectural; they have to do wacky things to it to make it look like that. I know no one likes to eat beige glop, but once you’ve gotten past “beige glop” there’s not a lot of efficient frontier in pretty food that doesn’t sacrifice any flavor or texture for it.


#Amenta RP #food #I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #(I’m amused because I’m literally ooc-ly eating beige glop right now) #(and it is very likeable) #((I prefer to mash up my apple crumb pie before I eat it)) #((so that the filling and the topping are blended together))

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