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Video description and transcription:

Tiktok by Tyler from Fig (tylerandhistummy)

[Tyler faces the camera and speaks to it.]

If this video helps even one person, it was worth it.

So, I’ve got a ton of ingredients that my body reacts to: corn, citric acid, gluten, chocolate, bananas, peanut oil–I’m all over the place.

It was so hard to read ingredient labels and just find food that I could eat. Grocery trips were unbearable, they took like two or three hours usually.

But I always had this idea on how to make it easier. So I quit my job and helped build an app over the past few years. And that app’s called Fig.

[A phone screen showing the app interface, which Tyler scrolls through.
Top text reads: “First up: Do you follow any of these diets? Dietary restrictions are complex – it’s ok to select more than one!”
Underneath is a checklist of ingredients and dietary restriction, including categories with suboptions.]

What makes fig unique is we’re trying to help pretty much everybody that has to avoid certain ingredients.

That means we’ve got a ton of things that you can select from–even really specific ingredients.

[Camera briefly returns to Tyler’s face again.]

And like I had dreamed of for so many years, checking ingredients is as quick as this.

[A phone camera scans the barcode on a bottle of spices. Details about the product appear, including an ingredients list and allergen statement. The ingredient “citric acid” appears in red all-caps. There is also an accompanying message that says “This product does not match your Fig.”]

And finding food you can eat is as simple as this.

[The app displays a scrollable list of food items, similar to a storefront. Each item has a save toggle and is accompanied by a photo, the product brand/name, and its size.
There is a search bar labeled “search for a product.”
There are also menus for narrowing the search; one is set to “allowed,” one is set to “Whole Foods,” and another unaltered menu is titled “Category.”]

[The camera returns to Tyler.]

So if you know anybody with food allergies, stomach issues, other dietary restrictions, I’d really appreciate it if you shared it with them.

[The appstore listing for Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery.]

It’s called Fig, it’s completely free, and you can get it on iOS and Android in the US.

[Tyler smiles at the camera.]

Thanks for helping out.

Currently only available in the US, but their website says they’re “excited to expand to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom soon”.


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me in my head at the supermarket: nobody is ever going to fucking love me. omg 25% off


#the wounds in the world are innumerable‚ a constant aching wrongness whose healing is a Sisyphean task #oh fuck yes the cashews for $6/lb are still in stock #re: prev tag #(”it is only by the grace of god that i am not a highly active couponer”) #I am absolutely a couponer† and it’s great #it’s like accounting except you can’t fail the job interview #you just show up with your carefully optimised lists and buy $300 of groceries for $200 #(some people in the notes are saying that grocery stores are *especially* Like This) #(I agree that grocery shopping *was* a wild emotional ride in 2020 #–(…OP wrote this on 2020-03-14‚ so there’s that)– #but if you filter out enough of the aerosolised anxiety particles it’s fine) #†(the Canadian manifestation of this focuses more on price-matching‚ though literal coupons do make an occasional appearance) #tag rambles #food #anxiety #adventures in human capitalism #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what



Concept: protagonist becomes embroiled in a series of high-stakes underground deathmatches of something that isn’t even illegal, like for some reason there’s a dark-web competitive cooking show. None of the ingredients are horrifying or even particularly unethical, but it’s still treated as this huge transgression with dire consequences for failure.

The cutthroat world of underground competitive cat shows.

Dark-web lumberjack challenges.

Gardening, and God help you if the judges don’t approve of your marigolds, because no Earthly force will.


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Item: bottle of asparagus-water


#food #god there is so much here #it just keeps unfolding #it costs $5.99 in 2015!USD #it’s a liquid measured in pounds #warning: this product has not been pasteurized and‚ therefore‚ may contain harmful bacteria #later on the label calls it a ”juice” #(which implies they’re selling *other* things that *are* unpasteurized juices) #((since otherwise why would they have had the form letter lying around)) #(did they not learn anything from the Odwalla incident??) #Vox’s food-focused subsidiary contacted Whole Foods for comment and was told that ”the product was made incorrectly” #unsanitary cw?


trying to find something out so please rb and give your opinion on these cookies specifically in the tags



#I don’t think I’ve ever had them but they look like something I would hate #I don’t like sprinkles and I don’t like frosting and I’m pretty meh on sugar cookies #food #memes

Anonymous asked: Your anti-nausea food is a BLT?? I love it but that’s chaotic. When I think of anti-nausea food I think of, like, honey tea. Hot milk. White rice. Hearing someone say their anti-nausea food is a BLT is like hearing someone say that they unwind after a stressful day by breaking into their neighbour’s house and rearranging the cutlery.


if it’s really important I’ll put bean sprouts or maybe an egg on it but i also think that prairie oysters are a good idea but a little much for the modern age whereas many people tend towards revulsion

if i’m nauseous i’m probably already drinking lots of water and gatorade so honey tea is just adding more liquids to already too much liquid, i’m confused and mildly turned off of milk[1] tho hot milk is the best way and i would *love* to be able to have serving size heavy cream for warming some of that up, and rice reminds me of descriptions of large znttbgf (rot13’d because I don’t like looking at the word)

blt is simple, if i don’t feel like grain, i just eat the rest like a salad (easy on the gut) or i might take off some tomato (too acidic); bacon and bread are easy on me, mayo only as long as i don’t make the sandwich myself (weird but w/e)

[1]: i had frozen milk for my school milk too many times in a row, then one day i was desperate for cereal, only to find that the milk at home had frozen. I rarely drank milk after that (occasionally if i overshoot on spice but that’s hard to do, i’m not averse to lattes but prefer warm to hot milk and as creamy as they can get).

I’m pretty much with anon here: I did not know how much variation there was in anti-nausea foods, and it’s fascinating.

Bacon is one of the *worst* things for me to eat if I’m already not feeling well: greasy foods give me stomachaches. I don’t use honey tea or hot milk, but I can kind of see those (in theory I can also see white rice, but yeah I do sometimes struggle with the appearance).

I like mint for acute anti-nausea. (Usually just peppermint oil on a cotton ball for the smell, but occasionally edible mint.) For longer-term “halfway through a 300-hour stomach bug and trying to get some calories into me”, [popcorn popped in moderate amounts of canola oil] and to a lesser extent graham crackers.


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Rosemary? You mean spicy pine needles?



Are you insinuating that regular pine needles aren’t spicy???



Regular pine needles are regular



Not by rosemary standards



…Have you eaten pine needles?



We’ve been friends for like four years, do you seriously have to ask if I’ve eaten pine needles or not



I mean I’m pretty sure you have but I don’t want to assume



Of course I’ve eaten pine needles. Various kinds. Singleleaf pinyon is weirdly the best



Are they…

{{in cursive font:}} spicy?



You know, I’d love to tell you but I’m pretty unclear about what marks the difference between “spice” and “strong-tasting plant that isn’t considered a spice”



I’ll have to eat some pine needles myself then to find out



Ok but it only counts if they’re PINE needles and not just any old needle-like leaf off a tree



I’m going to eat every needle-like leaf I see



Please Don’t Do That



Needle-Like Leaf Roulette



…I’ll accept this plan as long as you promise not to eat any yew leaves.



I can try very hard not to



Pine needles are distinguished by the presence of a sheath-like structure at the base of the leaf, almost always holding bundles of two or more leaves. Yews don’t have the sheath thing



It’s time for me to go out into the woods and stare at needle leaves



Finally you can gain real insight into my average daily life



this conversation reads like two shakespeare characters who come out in the middle of the play to talk about something completely unrelated for comic relief and then are never heard from again



god fucking dammit gimme a minute




I tell thee, rosemary is like a pine
but with a spicy taste.

                        Art thou to claim
that needles base of pine have not a spice?

A needle base of pine is merely base.

‘Tis not when held, comparing, to anthos.

My dearest Malus, needles thou’st eaten?

How many moons have we as friends seen rise?
How many suns have we as friends seen set?
Thou sixteen seasons in my heart I’ve held,
and hope that I in thine hast been the same.
With brotherhood as rich and old as this,
thou needst not ask me such frivolities.

I know thou likely has, to tell the truth,
but I would not assume.

                      Well, yes, I have.
A multitude of types I’ve eaten too.
I’ll tell thee now: the best (though it is strange)
is single-leaf pinyon.

                    And it has spice?

I truly wish that I could tell thee this,
but now, i’faith, I cannot fully tell,
the difference in classifying thus:
to say “has spice” or merely “herbal strength”.

To tell this tale most clearly it would seem
that eating needles from a pine’s required.

Aye, it would seem that that’s the task at hand,
but caution tells that this is what’s to do:
eat only needles of the honest pine,
and none of lying leaf with pinelike shape.

I’ll eat them all.

                  I prithee, stay thyself.

Roulette with leaves.

                    At least restrain from yew.

I’ll do my best.

               That is all can we do.
The scholars tell that needles true of pine
can be distinguished from the lying yew
by sheathlike clothing all along the base;
the yew has no such guard.

                         With this new truth
I now will venture out into the wood
and seek the pines and pinelike fakes alike
to stare them down and learn their secret truths.

With this thou canst at long and weary last
Discover for thyself my life’s own path.



Yo dudes that king there’s dead. Like dead as FUCK.


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Concept: saying grace, but instead of thanking God, you thank industrial agriculture (or the millions of people who contributed to its development and maintenance, or perhaps the first person to take each step, the first planter, the first plower, etc)



Saying thanks to Fritz Haber and caveating “This would be much more enthusiastic if you hadn’t been enthusiastically responsible for war crimes but you’ve so far still probably been a net good”



The Rationalist Seder version of the Dayenu song kinda does this:

Had we severed law from vengeance,
but not learned to bake and slice bread,
but not learned to bake and slice bread, Dayenu!
Had we learned to bake and slice bread,
but not mapped out all Earth’s surface,
but not mapped out all Earth’s surface, Lo Dayenu!
Had we mapped out all Earth’s surface,
but not crafted printing presses,
but not crafted printing presses, Dayenu!
Had we crafted printing presses,
but not named the rights of humans,
but not named the rights of humans, Lo Dayenu!



#proud citizen of the Future #food #war cw? #Judaism #music #do not malign potato