Every summer I forget how much I fucking love spiders I’ve drunk one every day this week


Drinking spiders??!


You put ice cream in a glass and pour soft drink over it. It creates a thick layer of delicious foam on top of a sweet, creamy drink with ice cream in it.


And yes I did attempt to get a picture by googling “Australia spider” like a fucking moron.


I hesitate to ask, but as someone who knows that sort of drink as a “float” because the ice cream floats, why is it called a spider?


According to wikipedia it’s because the reaction that makes the foam layer is reminiscent of a spider’s web. I don’t see it, but sure.


hold on, is this where we’ve been going wrong the whole time?
is Spiders Georg just really into icecream floats?


Hyperglycemia Georg, who


Spiders Georg out there pioneering previously-undiscovered levels of brain freeze


#we’re not here to fuck spiders because that would give us horrible yeast infections #language #food #Australia #Spiders Georg #embarrassment squick? #illness mention #the more you know

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