Seeing more and more blogs without a [username] site which means you can only view their blogs in[username] mode, and I realized just the other day that nowadays you have to manually go to your blog settings and toggle the “enable custom theme” switch to have a browser site activated.

I REALLY recommend activating this! Especially if you’re an artist or if you have a themed blog, like if you reblog fanart for a specific fandom or ship. First and foremostly you can change the whole theme if you want to, you can really just go wild with building your personal aesthetic for your page.

But what I think is even more important, is that you NEED to “enable custom theme” to enable access to your archive! The link [username] doesn’t work if you don’t have this enabled!

If you post art or archive fanart or fandom content of any kind, letting people access your archive makes it so much easier for people (and yourself) to find older art on your blog or to look for something you drew a while ago that they remember loving and want to look at again.

We talk lots about how on Tumblr old art gets to circulate, and the archive is part of how that works. It’s a really useful tool in finding good content that isn’t brand new. And especially if you are good at tagging, it’s very easy to filter the archive to find ship content or meta or fics, whatever you want to find.

Checked on this and you have to activate it on web view – the option isn’t there in the mobile app. I didn’t have it activated, so even if you’ve been here since well before Dashcon, might want to check on that.

It looks like they’ve fixed the inability to view “/archive”, but I recommend having a browser site anyway.


#fight the slippery slope towards Internet silos #PSA #reply via reblog #Tumblr: a User’s Guide #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #disappointed permanent resident of The Future

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