(for more where that came from, see http://www.auntdai.com/en/?page_id=22 )


#food #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #honestly I’m pretty pleased just to see a Chinese restaurant with pictures of every single one of its items #a lot of them just give you the name of the item–just the name! no description!–and expect you to know what that means #I’ve gotten burned many times on #foods that are made exactly the same in every American Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to but are very different in Canada #(and then of course there’s the stuff I’ve *never* had and still don’t have enough information to know whether I want to try them!) #here’s a tip that’ll save you the ten years of grief I had: #don’t order the sweet and sour chicken in Canada #order the *lemon* chicken #Canadian sweet and sour chicken batter is this vast fluffy bullshit #while lemon chicken is roughly the same as what you know and love from the States #(at some places they fry lemon chicken breasts whole and *then* cut them into strips but close enough) #tag rambles

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