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I’ve been reading worm discourse for what, 5 years? 6? 7? and anyway I’ve only just figured out that Taylor and Skitter are supposed to be the same person



#(personally I’ve never read Worm and learned pretty fast that Taylor and Skitter are the same person)
#(but I might have just happened to read the right posts)

I thought she was Worm!



Honestly, fair.

(Although I guess she *could* be all three, like one of those classic Russian novels or the Silmarillion or something.)



oh she absolutely has enough names to be an elf in the Silmarillion

though her most-associated codename is indeed Skitter, she also goes by Weaver and Khepri at different points in her career



Okay, those I did *not* know were her.



the joke in this post is that all those spiders are named things that she at one point or another used as a name.


#conversational aglets #Wildbow #embarrassment squick

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