Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science

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TIL 538 has a personality test

Follow the link above to be in the “group” I made so that you can compare your score against the average. (Hopefully. It seems not to want to load the results when I refresh the page…)


we’re doin big 5 I guess:


My first thought was that it was attempting to tell me what I want to hear: most of these are rather “better” figures than I was getting on Open Psychometrics a couple years back.

Then I looked at the more detailed breakdown, and a lot of my supposed middle-of-the-road-ness is from having very high scores in some subcategories and very low scores in others, which “averages out” when seen at lower resolutions. Are you very anxious but not depressed? Congratulations, your negative emotionality is “moderate”.

(Except conscientiousness, which is a nice symmetric equilateral triangle with every vertex at ~75.)

((…wait, how does the *average* American have *75th* percentile conscientiousness))

This version seems to place somewhat more emphasis on *treating* people well when it comes to agreeableness, as opposed to Open Psychometrics’ questions which were pretty much purely about how you felt about them on the inside, and that difference is most of what dragged me from 12 up to 38. I am a proverbial kitten who thinks of nothing but murder.

You might also have a low opinion of your own looks.” I look plain in a vaguely pleasant manner, which is *exactly how I like it*, thank you very much

Some scientists think low extraversion has protected humans from disease — you can’t pick up a bug from people if you avoid people.” saaame

@voxette-vk​ replied: “These aren’t percentile scores


Hmm, I suppose I read too much into this bit:

A lot of the outcomes that correlate with low agreeableness, like being chronically bullied (or bullying) or having a criminal record, don’t kick in until someone’s score is down in the 10th percentile.

I guess that makes the two sets of numbers not directly comparable, then.

I just went and took the Open Psychometrics one again to see how they portray their results, and it looks like this:


And yeah, you can really see the difference grading on a curve makes, huh. Like, if you hear “your score is 7 out of 100″ you would not intuitively expect so much of the agreeableness bar to be filled, but I guess their other test-takers are so agreeable that moderately low agreeableness is enough to make you way below average.


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