Big News!


New year, new website!

Hey everyone! Read Only Mind (ROM) is an inclusive archive for mind control and hypnosis erotica made by a small team that wanted to add features for writers and readers alike, and to help foster a community of content creators. You can find us at our website here!


I am super excited to share this with y’all as we’ve been working on it for a while. Examples of our features include account creation to post and upload your stories at any time, a tagging system (!!), comments, following stories for that anticipated next chapter, statistics for authors to see how readers engage with their content, an advanced search bar, and more.

This is a resource made by and for community, and we hope to grow with everyone’s help and support. Go ahead and check our About section for Rules and our FAQ, and please check it out and discover the stories and features, bookmark it for future content, and write your own stories if you’d like!

Since this is Tumblr and I don’t have CHARACTER limits, I can talk about how I’m excited for this! The other admin and I wanted a website that could offer more than what we were used to, while not having to see racist stories scroll by. This website is the result of that! We have story likes (called ‘snaps’), comments and suggestions (that you have the option to turn off as the author!), you’ll get to see how many people view your story and the number of snaps you’ve received, and a bunch of other stuff! You’re free to post onto ROM and other places at the same time since exclusivity isn’t a requirement, but we have a few authors who’ve already uploaded stories and are making the move over.

Spread the word for this if you can! You can find our official Twitter account here where we’ll post updates, and our current discord link is HERE where you can join us and talk with some other content creators! It’s a first public push and we’re still taking bug reports should we run into any issues.

Thanks so much for reading!


#interesting #sexuality and lack thereof #the more you know #nsfw text? #(for those of y’all who are outsiders interested in subcultural anthropology: #yes ”account creation to post and upload your stories at any time” is a big deal in context) #(at the big mind-control-erotica site you submit your stories to the admin and he goes through and puts them up once a week) #(sometimes there are no updates that week because he was on vacation‚ the implications of which are frankly very concerning) #(does Simon bar Sinister have an heir? does the EMCSA pass the bus test??) #(have we actually been trusting a vital piece of community infrastructure to a single fucking dude for the past 20+ years???) #(I’m not plugged into the scene enough to know whether there are answers to these questions floating around #but I *am* plugged in enough to wonder about it) #death mention

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