REMINDER: You need at least three different Covid vaccines in you if you want to reach the true ending and fight the Moon Presence.

actually some speedrunners have found you can reach it with just Moderna and Pfizer but you have to skip the Elon Musk fight. Basically if you force him into the corner and spam special attack you can actually clip through the wall and the game doesn’t know what the fuck to do so it just teleports you to the final room and assumes you still have the N95 mask.

This also means you skip the part where Bernie Sanders dies, which makes the Suez Canal level wayyyy easier but accidentally turns the ending cutscene hilarious because Cardi B’s clone talks about how she misses Bernie so much while he’s literally standing right next to her


#I’ve been waiting to find out the brand of my second dose before reblogging this #turned out to be another Pfizer‚ so I can’t use this strat #but hey‚ booster! #covid19 #vaccines #unreality cw #death mention

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