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#oh god spike and giles in the same space there is nothing i love more  #every time they both say something english they feel community in amongst all these americans  #which they both instantly hate  (via ceceliatallis​)

#i love that little exchange  #a tiny reminder of the weird parallels between those two  #giles is what spike used to be and spike is what giles used to be  (via the-elusive-ollie​)



“Giles is what Spike used to be and Spike is what Giles used to be.” God, I knew, but never put it together. Brain hurts now.



i like how it’s true even tho spike is 200 years old and very dead



Yes. And they share more than Englishness here. A specific type of educated English background (probably literary, rather than theatrical) that was probably old-fashioned when Spike was still alive.


#Buffy the Vampire Slayer #meta #death mention

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