you can get a couple’s tetanus shots even if you’re just friends.  ESPECIALLY if you’re just friends.  honestly they don’t even care, you can just book your appointment for the same time, it’s no big deal

also: this really is a sequel to a comic that came out 10 years ago and I really did make a Facebook event for it called “SELF, IF YOU ARE STILL ON FACEBOOK WHEN THIS EVENT HAPPENS, THEN WE HAVE MADE SOME BAD FRIGGIN’ DECISIONS” that finally came due today.   so uh, please enjoy the passage of time


#…your regular reminder to get a tetanus shot and/or stop using Facebook‚ I guess #(my next tetanus shot is in November 2024 #–I did not have to look anything up to tell you that: immune bullshit has its perks– #and I’ve never had a Facebook account) #((unless you count the Instagram for doing freelance marketing gigs‚ I suppose)) #…also‚ you know when you switch calendar providers you can just import the calendar from your previous software‚ right? #comics #Dinosaur Comics #vaccines #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #amnesia cw? #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what

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