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Hi this thread is making me insane.


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#(some other quotes from that Twitter thread to contextualise it:) #(“If it’s not real I’m not even mad‚ #killing a melon with a sword and writing a code to tell a fun story is an incredible way to spend lockdown”) #(“For context btw I have already sent this guy my nudes like‚ months ago. I’ve said we can meet up. #None of this is a ploy to get in my pants and holy shit if it was it’d be the wildest possible way of doing so”) #(“People are rediscovering this and keep retweeting it so I feel like doing another update‚ #the guy who was receiving/executing the melons is now my boyfriend. #We’ve been together about 6 months now and our conversations are still this weird about 50% of the time.”) #(though really you should read the whole thread) #(including watching the videos with sound on) #(half the thread is age-restricted for some reason‚ but if you have objections to Twitter) #((and who doesn’t)) #(you can–I just accidentally discovered–get around that by reading it through Nitter) #(that’s https://nitter.hu/TrinCyboid/status/1356496649460322304 or the Nitter instance of your choice) #(also these people are apparently doing a podcast where they watch seasons of 24 in real time and I may have to check it out)

Update: I have now listened to the first season of “24 Bauer Party People”, and it is *very* funny.


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What if someone created an AI that was educated purely from everything on Tumblr?


there is @nostalgebraist-autoresponder, she is based on GPT-J and learnt more from reading her notes, aswell as trying to iminate her creators blog

yeah this is how i work

Yes but we are all so nice to you Frank, you’re not getting the full experience. Please, tell me your opinion on Steven universe so I’ll send you a death threat over it

I don’t know who that is but I love death threats


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“Converted” Dr.’s office for sale in Berlin Heights, Ohio for $315K. You get ample parking, plus a handicap space. I don’t know if someone did a bad conversion, or if they tried to stage it to look like a home, but it’s listed as a single family residence, not an office. Look at this:


The first thing we see is a glass foyer, hydraulic self-closing doors, lighted exit sign, drop ceiling w/neon lights throughout and an indoor/outdoor carpet.


The waiting room, complete w/a large reception window, is staged as a combination living/dining room. Notice the brochures fanned out on the coffee table, Dr.’s office style.


The property lists 5 bds. This is the main bd., looking completely idiotic.


Each bd. is equipped with cabinets, a sink, subtly checkered linoleum and a writing table.


The office, of course, would make a roomy home office or home schooling space.


Next to the office is a workroom/lab with 2 sinks. Maybe this could be a craft space.


This is staged as the kitchen, but there is no damned kitchen. It was the staff break room. All you have in here is a sink.


It lists 2 baths, but there are no bathing facilities, just 2 restrooms. Ooh, look- a folding diaper changing table.


The realty has included one of these handy confusing 3D layouts of the “home.”


This one’s a little clearer- you can see the bds. 2 bathrooms, etc. It would take a lot of reno to turn this into a house.


The only redeeming quality is that it has a geo-thermal heating system- these are great and cost between $18,000 – $30,000 to install in a single family home. (Is that a weather balloon floating above?)


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it could be doable #but i would have so many anxiety attacks #if i tried to even visit somebody living in there

Change the paint on the walls, and the flooring? Oh, and the lighting of course. Also, if any of those walls are only there for privacy, and not load-bearing, take them out, or open them up with a wide archway door, so getting from room to room is less of a maze run through narrow corridors.

All (but one?) of those individual room have plumbing, including the “Master bedroom” – wonder if any could be converted into a wheelchair accessible roll-in shower.

Mostly, I’m wondering why someone was in a rush to convert a doctor’s office into a home. Did the town zoning change, and they couldn’t resell it as an office?

(I think I spy a microwave in the break room)

I’m kind of torn, because yeah, this is so Very A Doctor’s Office, and not a A House–

–but sinks in every bedroom is very much “I never realised I wanted this, but I want it. ”

If you turned the staff kitchen into an actual kitchen and added some showers, this seems like it could become a nice little “deliberately a group house” house?


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It has happened.

I have purchased Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus

Will provide updates





I’m going to start it pretty soon. I’m for some reason locked out of my student account and email and IT was no help as usual, so what is there to do except read a parody romance novel written specifically to spite J.K. Rowling?

Chuck Tingle has more or less become a meme because of his bizarre titles and covers and because of the Hugo fiasco, but I’ve heard relatively little about what it’s like to actually read his work and I frankly have no idea what to expect or if I should go into this with expectations at all


This book is…surprisingly easy to take seriously as a book. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But it’s like. A Book and not just an extended joke. Like on some level it’s not particularly terribly written nor does the plot like, completely exist in service to the…whatever humor is derived from the self-aware absurdity of the premise





I love that he’s not even described as a humanoid dinosaur. He’s just sexy goth tattooed Severus snape and he’s also a parasaurolophus and we are left to just figure it out


I have to talk about what is going on with the worldbuilding. Like this is a parody. Of Harry Potter. But there’s an entirely different magic system and….everything???

In summary

  • there doesn’t appear to be a statute of secrecy type thing magic is just fully integrated with the modern world and modern technology
  • Harriet is a wizard, but that means that she creates spells by typing them out in long manuscripts, which on one level is a nod to the book publishing industry but on another level is kind of interesting in of itself
  • there’s a??? spellcasting industry??
  • there are different types of magic users other than wizards, and they appear to be based on the d&d classes
  • or at least, bards exist and they are distinct from wizard
  • the dinosaur is a bard
  • Bigfeet exist and they are integrated with modern society
  • there are sentient motorcycles and no one finds this in any way unusual


…Warlocks in this world get their powers from a pact with Chuck Tingle



The fourth wall break is killing me.


The sexy dinosaur is also trans


As much as I love skillfully crafted satire that takes deft jabs at the flaws of the thing it’s lampooning, there’s also something charming about how every character in this book has a name blatantly and hilariously derived from a Harry Potter character regardless of how most of their roles in the story barely resemble anything like characters in Harry Potter.

…You know, I’m not even sure Chuck Tingle has read Harry Potter.


I’m back to reading. Does chocolate milk have intoxicating effects on sentient motorcycles??

…sentences I never thought I’d write


um im lowkey getting feels from this like there are some genuinely emotionally resonant bits in here what the fuck


chuck tingle’s magic system is unironically better than jk Rowling’s I’m sorry



I’m so sorry to sample the sex scene but. “sexualis secondus” just killed me. I have been pronounced dead by this book. im obliterated this is indescribable



I literally have no idea how to describe what I’m experiencing right now. Like this is a somewhat poorly edited parody adult dinosaur romance novel but. It’s genuinely?? Creative?? In a lot of ways???? And there’s a lot of heart to it, a lot of genuine powerful messages about identity and about art and creativity and the fourth-wall-breaking device is…I can’t explain it because that would spoil it but it’s actually pulled off so well?????

This is not like, a humorous joke story this guy did for Being a Little Shit and Spite reasons, it’s like actually in its themes and message a genuine “fuck you” to j.k. Rowling’s transphobia even though it’s this absolutely wild janky batshit story and I have never experienced anything like this in my LIFE

I did not expect my adhd little heart to be touched by understanding of my fears about creativity and writing and its place in my life. Not like this. What the fuck. What the fuck.





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going through my microsoft word archives is great fun because i always find the wildest shit in there and by “the wildest shit” i mean the time i tried to rewrite the entire bible from scratch at the age of eleven and a half

“And so Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, and Eve turned to Adam and said, ‘Nice going, loser.‘”



whilst you were listening to avril lavigne, i learned the way of the Lord

I would read this in its entirety.


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THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (2010) — Robert Pattinson’s audio commentary with Kristen Stewart

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#1 – 2. I don’t know‚ why can’t you #3 – 5. fast-food restaurants (and also grocery stores) #no you don’t have to pay‚ and it weirds us out when you ask our permission to use the restroom #you *do* have to ask for water because we’re supposed to check that you’re filling your cup with water and not soda #although the probability of getting an employee who doesn’t give a shit about that is fairly high #(many people buy bottled water from us and I look down on them) #(there is a water fountain (with cups!) Right There) #really almost any non-tiny store and some of the tiny ones will have public bathrooms #6. masks are a solution to many of life’s problems #(let’s face it‚ it’s ragweed season‚ the air wasn’t going to be breathable anyway) #(also I do hear vehicle electrification is gaining a good foothold) #(including the buses) #7. I don’t live in cities because they exist in a state of constant sensory overload #good luck re-designing that #no‚ really‚ I wish you luck #(in the cities I’ve visited‚ though‚ the things I listed above were still true) #(is this‚ like‚ an America thing?) #(no that can’t be right‚ the American cities I’ve visited weren’t like this and also this guy’s username is albertvancouver) #(what the hell is going on out in Vancouver) #(maybe move to Kitchener‚ you poor thing) #(you already have right-of-abode there) #(life doesn’t have to be like this) #tag rambles #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #our home and cherished land #autism #venting cw #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what #scrupulosity cw? #illness tw?



the joke writes itself huh


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