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you can get a couple’s tetanus shots even if you’re just friends.  ESPECIALLY if you’re just friends.  honestly they don’t even care, you can just book your appointment for the same time, it’s no big deal

also: this really is a sequel to a comic that came out 10 years ago and I really did make a Facebook event for it called “SELF, IF YOU ARE STILL ON FACEBOOK WHEN THIS EVENT HAPPENS, THEN WE HAVE MADE SOME BAD FRIGGIN’ DECISIONS” that finally came due today.   so uh, please enjoy the passage of time


#…your regular reminder to get a tetanus shot and/or stop using Facebook‚ I guess #(my next tetanus shot is in November 2024 #–I did not have to look anything up to tell you that: immune bullshit has its perks– #and I’ve never had a Facebook account) #((unless you count the Instagram for doing freelance marketing gigs‚ I suppose)) #…also‚ you know when you switch calendar providers you can just import the calendar from your previous software‚ right? #comics #Dinosaur Comics #vaccines #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #amnesia cw? #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what




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in superman adventures #19, there’s a villain named multi-face who can convincingly disguise himself as anyone, even tricking dna tests and x-ray vision. Superman initially can’t stop him


and the only reason he gets caught is because multiface decides to disguise himself as, of all people, CLARK KENT i’m screaming




why do villains always mess up so badly


Clark Kent attending Bruce Wayne’s yacht party where Bruce told Clark to wear his clothes and……




Sard borken


This bullshit needs to get into the movies, not edgy-grimdark shit


I especially love the fact that, in many depictions, Bruce Wayne somehow ended up looking similar enough to the one Kryptonian on Earth that they can Parent Trap people


*Deathstroke bursts into the Legion of Doom headquarters* “Guys, you won’t believe this, but I think Bruce Wayne is Superman!“


today I learned that Clark Kent is sloppy drunk and I am in eternal gratitude for that


I’ve seen this post go around a couple of times and I’ve never seen anyone add the time that Clark somehow got high.



i say “somebody’s making brownies in North Dakota” whenever my irl bizarrely strong sense of smell is bugging me plz reblog so ppl will get the reference thx


There’s an episode of the Superman animated series where Superman goes to Gotham because he hears it’s suddenly full of crime, as Batman has vanished. He teams up with Robin and dressed up as Batman to get crime back under control, while searching for him.

It turns out Bruce Wayne got mind-controlled by Brainiac who went after him just because he’s a billionaire, and is using his money to build a giant rocket. He doesn’t even know he was mind controlling Batman.

So Superman learns all this (while dressed as Batman, remember?) , and Brainiac is like “Well, Batman is only a human. Time to die” and blasts him with a big laser.

Since it’s Superman, this just damages his mask a bit, revealing that he’s actually Superman. And Brainiac goes “Kal-El? This development was highly improbable.”

Understatement of the century, bud. The chances of Batman and Superman being the same guy? Pretty fucking low!


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I’d give my dearly departed vibrator of 10 years a viking funeral, but I don’t think the ducks at Piney Lakes Reserve will understand why an itty bitty boat with burning plastic is floating around. This will have to do.


#honestly kind of related to…okay not my last two posts anymore #the first two posts of today #fucking AI horses and music streams instead of just having an object that is yours and you do what you want with it #there’s still loopholes‚ still alternatives‚ but it’s getting harder to jump through the hoops #to obtain something that truly belongs to *you* #also my respirator sprung a leak yesterday and I am very grateful to be able to just #go to an industrial-supply website and buy an identical model for three hours’ wages #Godspeed to you‚ first respirator‚ it’s been amazing #(admittedly I *would* like something with a speech diaphragm) #(but I gather those are expensive right now) #(and honestly I think it’s worth having one of these older models around regardless‚ to be able to make use of a wider variety of filters) #also also my glasses were discontinued in 2012 #the oblivious people *around* me can’t even fucking tell whether I’m wearing them or my backup pair #but *I* put the backup pair on and I’m like #”…is this what dysphoria feels like” #”I think this might be what dysphoria feels like” #”oh god” #anyway this has been your regular reminder to fuck cloud dependence‚ no not like that #tag rambles #comics #art #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #transhumanism #nsfw text

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the thing with pokemon is they all stop at 3 dimensions.  there’s no 10-dimensional geodudes.  i know nothing of pokemon but i feel like i would’ve heard about it if there were hypergeodudes.  i have explicitly arranged my life such that if this were the case someone probably would’ve told me


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[ID a comic by Sarah Andersen called Cryptid Club has a fluffy, horned cryptid in a Santa hat talking to a mostly featureless cryptid. The fluffy one says, “I do enjoy the holidays. But not as much as Mothman.”

The minimally featured cryptid says, “…No, not as much as Mothman.” A Christmas tree is shown behind them and they look around to its other side.

Mothman, sitting on the floor, their eyes huge, their dialogue tinged in runes, screams, “LIGHT!”]


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